Greys 8th January

Happy New Year and welcome back!

It was lovely to be all back together again and we have had lots of fun in Greys class this week.

We began our new topic of Light and Dark and investigated different light sources. We closed our eyes to see what it was like to experience complete darkness and gradually moved our hands to see the light creeping through in stages. We named sources of light that were manmade and those that were natural.


In Literacy we read ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’ by Jill Tomlinson. We all thought that Plop was rather a funny character and on Tuesday used adjectives to write a character description of him.


 On Thursday we improved that description by using similes to describe Plop. Mrs Hawkins decided that as our descriptions were so good  we should copy them using our best handwriting for display and we can’t wait to see them on display in the classroom next week.

We have also been learning ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ by Edward Lear and practised it in groups before performing it altogether. Some of us decided that we wanted to memorise the poem and have taken it home to do. We will be practising it more next week in class.


Next Thursday we have Feathers and Fur visiting us and they will hopefully bring a barn owl just like Plop for us to see. Please let Mrs Hawkins know if your child has any allergies regarding birds and feathers in particular.

We found out all about why we celebrate New Year and wrote our own New Year’s resolutions which are now on display for all to see and read. They make some very interesting reading so hopefully we will all be able to keep them.

new yr res

In Maths the Year 1s have been exploring ordinal numbers…


and locating numbers on beaded lines and finding 1 more and 1 less than a number on a beaded line.

The Year 2s began the week using calculators for the first time to add 2 digit numbers together.


They then used beaded lines and number squares for the same concept.

In Computing we had lots of fun using a sentence maker programme to write stories and design cards.


In Phonics the Year 1s have been working on the different ‘a’ sounds (ay, ai, eigh, a_e, a, ey) and the Year 2s have been adding the ful and ly suffixes to words. We enjoyed playing Splat the phoneme.

spat the phoneme

We finished the week by playing football in our PE lesson.


Show and Tell next week will be topic linked – Light and Dark.

Monday – Bear

Tuesday – Olivia

Wednesday – Max F.

Thursday – Nancy

Friday – Lily-Mae

Jasper’s Show and Tell was very interesting he brought in a badger and fox skull!


Please remember that children need their PE kit in school every day. As the Common is rather muddy at present can you please ensure that your child’s trainers are kept in a separate plastic bag in their PE bags.

Homework this week is to create a picture/ fact file of an animal which would come out at night. This needs to be in School for Tuesday 12th January please.

Spellings tests next week will be on Tuesday.

On Monday we are going to the River and Rowing Museum for our workshop on Light and Dark. Children will need a packed lunch and drink. We will be travelling by minibus and will be back before the end of the school day.

Have a lovely weekend!

Greys 17th December

The end of term is finally here and what a term it’s been!

The children have come so far already this year both socially and academically. They are a truly wonderful class who make classroom life so much fun and we are all very proud of them.

This final week of term has seen some very tried but extremely excited children, but we still managed to get through a variety of activities. We looked at symmetry in Maths by creating mirror images of Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer and crackers. We retold the story of the Nativity on story maps and then created a 4×3 grid, drew pictures of the Nativity scenes in each grid and then gave each other directions using forwards, backwards, left and right to see where our directions would take us.

We read the story of The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett and wrote letters to Santa telling him why we would make a good reindeer to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve.

Mrs Hawkins read Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Robert L May to us which was written in 1939 and taught us the words to the song which was written ten years later by his brother in law. Mrs Clinkard then helped us to create some actions to the song which was lots of fun!

Riley brought in some real reindeer antlers that he had found near Greys Court. We discussed whether they were symmetrical or not and decided that they weren’t, but they were very heavy!

riley the reindeer

Carrying on with our reindeer theme we drew pictures of Rudolph on our Christmas cards.

We used salt, flour and water to make our own salt dough and then made Christmas decorations with it which we painted and glittered.

salt dough

One of the messiest activities of the week was making chocolate truffles which were extremely yummy and a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Mrs Millard for helping us to make those.

On Wednesday morning Peppard class joined us to watch Sir Tim Peake taking off live as he headed to the International Space Station. It was a great experience to see other children watching it at the same time as us and we were just as excited as they were.

spacespace rocket

On Thursday morning we made our Christingles ready for the Church service in the evening.

chrsitingleeden and freya

Then on Thursday afternoon Peppard class joined us again for a party with party food and party games which was the perfect end to a fantastic term.


Show and Tell will be connected to Light and Dark

Monday – Elodie

Tuesday – Freddie

Wednesday – Toby

Thursday – Benedict

Friday – Jasper

PE lessons will remain on Mondays and Fridays, so please ensure PE kits are in school every day along with water bottles.

There will be no spellings to learn over the holidays

Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Clinkard would like to thank you all for your kind gifts and cards and to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year Enjoy the break and come back refreshed and fully charged for 2016!

Greys 11th December

Greys class have had an exciting but very tiring week this week and are now on countdown to the end of term!

The performances of A Midwife Crisis were absolutely fantastic and the children were outstanding to say the least. They smiled, acted and sang their little hearts out to everyone. A huge thank you to everybody who helped to support the children, who thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention and displaying their talents.

In RE we learnt all about the meaning of Advent and had lots of fun making advent wreaths.

wreaths 2 wreaths

In Maths the Year 1s have been adding and subtracting 1,2,3 and 4 to and from numbers, whilst the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 11,12,21,22 and 31 to and from 2 digit numbers.

In Literacy we wrote letters to Santa and answered questions from our Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer story.

We then wrote poems to Rudolph and made reindeer food with oats and lots of glitter to light the way for Rudolph and the other reindeer.

reindeer food

making reindeer food

In Science we used the toys that we made to investigate which materials they were made form and their properties. We then wrote our results up in tables in our Science books.

Our Magic of Christmas display is now finished and will be on display in Tesco this week.


On Friday before our Christmas lunch the whole school went on a walk and had lots of fun running up and down the hill and walking through the woods building up our appetites.

hillwalkwalk 2

Show and Tell next week will be…

Monday – Daisy

Tuesday – Freya

Wednesday – Sienna

Please can all children make sure they have their full PE kit in school on Monday as they will be having PE with Mr Steele in the afternoon.

Have a lovely weekend!

Greys 4th December

Greys class and Peppard class have been practising hard for the play this week and are getting very excited about performing it to a real audience on Tuesday.

On Wednesday afternoon the whole school took part in an Art afternoon. Tesco asked us if we would like to take part in their ‘Magic of Christmas’ window display and we decided to base our display on The Nutcracker. We made snowflakes, painted pink mice and evil grey mice. We then painted our hands green to make handprints to create a Christmas tree. We can’t wait to see it on display after December 11th.


We enjoyed the story so much that the following day we split into groups and acted each scene out in sequence. First of all we drew pictures and thought of key words from our scene to help us remember what had happened.


This group acted out Christmas Eve where Clara is given the Nutcracker as a gift.

scene 1

Then it was the scene where Clara and the Nutcracker defeat the Mouse King and his army.

scene 21

Dylan and Isobel re-enacted the sleigh ride over the snow capped forest.

scene 2

Then it was the Land of Sweets with the dazzling dancers and the Sugar Plum fairy.

scene 4

Finally Freya and Bear took on the roles of Clara and the Nutcracker and wondered if it was all really a dream or quite simply the ‘Magic of Christmas’.

scene 5

On Friday in Big Write we wrote a recount of The Nutcracker and are looking forward to finding out who will be this week’s ‘Big Writer of the Week.’

Last week we wove some magic carpets using paper and are now weaving our own class magic carpet using a giant loom.

big weave

In Maths the Year 2s have been looking at number bonds and using them to add and subtract 2 digit numbers whilst the Year 1s have also been working on number bonds and adding and subtracting 1 to and from a 2 digit number.

In Science we split into groups and were given a material that we had to then find things made from that material and state its properties. It was lots of fun as we went on a treasure hunt around the classroom. We then shared our findings. We also labelled the toys we made with the materials we used and the properties of those materials.

In Computing we practised typing and then changing the font, size and colour.

In football we practised dribbling and passing the ball.

Show and Tell next week will be on Materials and is…

Monday  – Josie

Tuesday – Jamie

Wednesday – Isobel

Thursday – Joseph

Friday – Dylan

Please remember to bring in costumes for the play on Monday. Performances for Midwife in Crisis are on Tuesday 8th December at 2:30pm and 6:30pm in Greys/Peppard classrooms.

Please ensure full PE kit is in school every day.

Have a lovely weekend and please support the Peppard Stall at Henley late night shopping festival on Friday evening.




Greys 27th November

Another busy week for Greys class!

In Literacy we decided that we would like to learn more about The Man on the Moon story, so we made telescopes and looked for things around the classroom that we thought he might like. We then had to put them into a list and make them plural by adding s and es.

The following day we wrote invitations to him, inviting him to our own parties. We made sure that we remembered to use capital letters for places, names, day and months.

We then pretended to be the man on the moon and wrote letters to Lily accepting her invitation. We set our letters out correctly and  tried to include a question using a question mark. Some of us even used exclamation marks!

On Friday we had Big Write and wrote a recount of Mog’s Christmas Calamity by Judith Kerr. We drew story maps and then thought of words to describe how Mog might have felt at different points of the story. We also made sure that we used different time connectives to begin our sentences.

elodie storymap

In Maths the Year 1s have been adding and subtracting 1 and 2 from numbers using bead strings, number squares and cubes, whilst the Year 2s have been using number bonds to add and subtract 2 digit numbers.

Science was lots of fun this week as we got to share all of our homework. We had all made a toy out of different materials and explained why we had chosen those particular materials. We were also able to describe different properties for them. A huge thank you to all the parents who took the time to help and support the children with this task.

Freya made a very impressive dolls’ house.

freya homework

Dylan made a fabulous fort

dylan homework

and Joseph made a very exciting marble run.

joseph homework

There were lots more fantastic creations which are now on display in the classroom for all of the children to enjoy and investigate.

We also tested different types of paper to see which was the most waterproof. We began by making a prediction, then performing the experiment in groups and finally summarising what we had found out. We learnt about the importance of a fair test and how interesting it was to compare our predictions with our results.

science 1

science 2#

We finished off the week playing football on the Common, practising our passing and shooting skills.

heather footballmax football

Show and Tell next week will be linked to Materials and will be

Monday – Oliver

Tuesday – Harrison

Wednesday – Astrid

Thursday – Ruby

Friday – Heather

PE is on Mondays and Fridays so please ensure that children have a full PE kit in school.

Please ensure that all costumes for the Christmas are in by next Thursday 3rd December. Performances will be on Tuesday 8th December at 2:30pm and 6:30pm.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Greys 20th November

This week Greys and Peppard class have been busy practising for the Christmas play and are thoroughly enjoying learning their songs.

In English we have been looking at a seasonal nature diary and have been describing the wildlife, using conjunctions to join our sentences and time connectives to start our sentences. We have also made sure that we are checking that we have used capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.



We had our Big Write lesson today whereby we watched the story of The Man on the Moon and had to use the skills that we have been using this week to retell the story from the little girl’s point of view. We drew story maps to help us, thought of key words to describe the old man and Lily and then put it all together in our recount. We all worked very quietly on this and took great care with our handwriting. We will hopefully be doing some more work on The Man on the Moon in English next week.

Maths has been lots of fun as we have been identifying 2d shapes and their properties. We have sorted them using venn diagrams.yr 1 symmetry

We looked at different ways to sort pentagons.


We sorted shapes with curved and straight sides.

max and heather

We created our own shapes and named them using different equipment.

lolly shapes

geo boards

We also looked at lines of symmetry in shapes using mirrors and folding the shapes.

pip symmetry

Some of the Year 2s even identified right angles in shapes!

In Geography we compared the Kalahari Desert to Henley on Thames and thought of lots of differences and decided that unlike Sunny the meerkat we prefer to live in Henley.

In Art we designed our own magic carpet and next week we will be using paper to practise weaving our own magic carpet.

In RE we thought of the different ways we can help people and in French we had lots of fun practising counting and greeting people.

Show and Tell next week will be on  Materials which is our new Science topic.

Monday – Lily

Tuesday – Max C.

Wednesday – Imogen

Thursday – Riley

Friday – Lola

Please ensure that the children have full PE kit in school every day. Our PE lessons are on Mondays and Fridays.

Can all children please have a  water bottle and coat in school every day.


Have a lovely weekend.


Greys 13th November

This week in Literacy we have been looking at non fiction and have been looking at a nature diary. On Thursday we wrote a set of instructions following the fireworks that we had made for Diwali which went above our firework poetry from last week.

bonfire display

In Science we made some chocolate sparklers to investigate what happens to chocolate when it is heated and when it cools again. We found out all about reversible and irreversible changes and will be looking at more experiments with these next week. Whilst we were watching the chocolate melt we realised that glass might crack if it was too hot, plastic would melt and decided that a metal saucepan of water would be the strongest and safest thing to use.

melting chocolate

toby sprinkles


In Maths the Year 1s have been counting in 2s, ordering the days of the week and months of the year. They even created their own song for the months of the year and performed it to the Year 2s.

months of the year

The Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 10, 11, 20 and 21 to and from 2 digit numbers.

We also created a tally chart of our favourite fireworks and used a bar chart to find out which were the most and least popular.


We finished off the week practising our kicking and dribbling skills in football on a very cold but dry afternoon.

footie group football Oli football

Show and Tell next week will be anything connected to the Continents and Oceans;

Monday – Jasper

Tuesday – Bear

Wednesday – Olivia

Thursday – Max F.

Friday – Nancy

Homework for this weekend is to make a toy using a range of materials and be able to explain why you have chosen those materials. This can be as simple as you wish and does not have to be in school until Wednesday 25th November. Some websites which might inspire you are;

If you have any questions regarding this please come and see Mrs Hawkins.

We also need a selection of fabrics/ materials for different projects we have planned in class, so if you have any spare please bring them into school.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Greys 6th November

Welcome back to a new term and what a busy first week back it has been!


This week in Greys class we have been learning all about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot. We worked in groups reciting the poem ‘Remember, remember the fifth of November’.

poem 2 poem 3 poem 4 poem 5 poem 6 poem

We wrote our own fireworks poems and described how we would have felt if we were Catholics at the time. We used straws to blow paint pictures of fireworks.

blow painting 2 blow painting

Then on Wednesday we used the Paint programme on the computers to recreate our fireworks paintings in a different format.


On Wednesday we all dressed up as Lions to support the Atlantic Lions who will be rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in a few weeks time and Max won a prize for the best dressed lion.

lion max

In Maths we have been doubling and halving numbers and the Year 1s have also been working with odd and even numbers.

On Thursday we went to the Chiltern Open Air Museum for a Materials workshop in a Victorian setting.

We were met by a very strict teacher who made us sit very quietly and do some sums and handwriting.schoolroommaths#

We then made rag rugs from hessian and strips of fabric, it was very relaxing, but we wouldn’t have liked to have done it all day every day like the Victorians did.

rag rug 2 rag rug

After that we stretched our legs and had a run around on the Village Green.

village green

We then went into one of the barns and were shown some strips of beeswax which we softened and rolled to make into candles.


Our last workshop of the day was making bricks. We met a very nice man who showed us how they made bricks in the Victorian times and we were lucky enough to use the clay and make our own. We had to push the clay carefully into the moulds and make sure there was no air in any of the gaps.

making bricks

Gordon then showed us how to tap it out of the mould without breaking it. It was lots of fun but rather noisy!

brick making 2

We decided that this wasn’t the correct way to build a wall.

 brick wall 1

This way was much better!

Brick wall

We had a fabulous day out and learnt lots about different materials and why they are used.


Spelling test next week will be on Monday and times tables on Wednesday.

PE will now be on a Monday and Friday afternoon.

Show and Tell next week is still on the Continents and will be…

Monday – Sienna

Tuesday – Elodie

Wednesday – Freddie

Thursday – Toby

Friday – Pip

The children should have brought a letter home detailing their role and costume requirements for the Christmas play. Should you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to see Mrs Hawkins.

Remembrance Service is this Wednesday morning at Church and all the children in Greys class do have a speaking part to play, so should you wish too attend you are more than welcome.

A big thank you to the parents who helped on the trip this week and seemed to enjoy the brick making in particular as much as the children did!

Have a lovely weekend!

Greys October 23rd

Finally the last week of term has arrived and what a busy week we have had!

In Literacy we thought about how we use our senses on the playground and wrote poems  using adjectives and alliteration.

In Maths we have been working out 1/4s, 1/2s and 3/4s of different shapes.

daisy fractions

Thank you to everyone for your fabulous homework where you researched animals from the North and South Poles. There was a great variety of models, pictures and posters to share. Astrid told us all about polar bears.


Whilst Sienna presented her work on snow leopards and explained how she had used her computing skills and even managed to change the font.

sienna and snow leopard

We used atlases to locate Antarctica and other continents and Daisy received the Starbook award for her fantastic map reading skills.

daisy map reading

max atlas

We watched a video called Teachers in the Freezer, which showed a group of teachers who went on an expedition to Antarctica. We then worked in groups and using the netbooks and information that we had gathered from our homework and the film  we created our own fact files about Antarctica.humans and food

olis group

We then presented our findings to the rest of the class.

antarctica presentation

We found out lots of information about penguins and polar bears and pretended to huddle together like penguins to keep warm. Poor Bear was the penguin right in the middle and he was absolutely boiling!! We couldn’t believe how warm we felt all huddled together.

penguin huddle

penguin huddle 1

We experimented with hot and cold colours  and mixed blues and whites to create different shades of blue and reds and yellows to create different shades of red.

freya and heather painting

ruby and lola painting

We finished the term off with a game of football on the Common practising our dribbling, passing and shooting skills.

dylan fotball


There are no spellings to learn over half term.

Please remember to return any forms for the trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Show and Tell for the first week of term is based on the Continents and Oceans…

Monday – Isobel

Tuesday – Joseph

Wednesday – Dylan

Thursday – Daisy

Friday – Freya

Thank you to all the parents who have helped on trips and in the classroom this term.

Have a lovely half term!

Greys 16th October

This week Greys class started a new topic called “Why can’t meerkats live in the North Pole?” We read the story Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett and acted the story out in groups. On Tuesday we pretended that we were Sunny writing postcards, describing where we had been. We then created Missing posters for Sunny who had left home and we had to think carefully about how to describe him. We finished off the week on Friday by creating a new adventure for Sunny. We thought of lots of different places to take him and enjoyed using our imagination to create our stories.

sunny description

On Wednesday afternoon we had a visit from a Scientist from  the metorology department at Reading University. She told us all about the different types of weather and how it is measured. We had lots of fun using all the different instruments and were very surprised to see how cold the clouds were!

Astrid wind

indoor instruments


She talked about why we have seasons and showed us how the earth moves around the sun.


We then listened to a story and had to hold up the weather that was mentioned.

weather story

In computing we have been practising how to write our names, delete, return, use capital letters and the space bar.


On Thursday we drew and painted meerkats to go onto our Meerkat Mail display. We watched as Mrs Clinkard drew the meerkat step by step and we carefully followed…

Mrs C

pip drawing

Josie drawing

Josie got the starbook award for her artistic meerkat picture.

We then  painted them using fine brushes and taking care to stay within the lines and add detail.

painting meerkats

After break we discovered footprints in the classroom and used compasses to solve the clues to find our mysterious visitor…..Percy Penguin from the Antarctic!


footprints 2

clue 3

We then plotted the UK and Antarctica on the world map and together managed to name and locate all seven continents.


We went for a short walk to the woods for our final calendar photo shoot on Thursday afternoon and are looking forward to seeing the pictures.


Show and Tell next week is….

Monday – Astrid

Tuesday – Ruby

Wednesday – Heather

Thursday – Josie

Friday – Jamie

For homework for this weekend the children need to research an animal that lives in cold places like the North or South Pole. This can be presented in any format they wish; picture, painting, fact file or even a model.

A letter has been sent home today with the children detailing Greys class visit to Chiltern Open Air Museum on Thursday November 5th. Please returned the signed form as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend.