Greys 13th May

Greys class had a great start to the week with a visit to Tolhurst Organic Farm. Rose told us all about the farm and how important organic farming is.


She then introduced us to her Dad, (Josie’s Grandad) Tolly who gave us a fantastic tour of the beautiful gardens, explained about all the different fruit and vegetables that they grow there.


He told us how important worms and insects are to Organic farming and founf quite a few worms for us to see.

We also looked at the poly tunnels and saw the tomatoes growing in them and the greenhouses.


We finished our visit by planting peas to take home with us and were also given a sunflower plant to grow at home.


We had a great time and a huge thank you to the Tolhurst family for a very interesting and fun morning.

In Maths we have been learning about the properties of 3d shapes.

We made nets to help us see how many faces shapes have.


We also made 3d shapes out of cocktail sticks and mini marshmallows which helped us count the corners and edges of the shapes so much easier. The trickiest part of this task was trying not to eat the marshmallows.

astrid and elodie shape Max cuboid yr 2 shape

In Literacy we spent the week planning a letter using adjectives to describe a hat that we had lost. We also described the place where we lost it and then put it all together to write our letter to Tolly pretending that we had lost our hat on our visit to the Farm. We managed to used different suffixes in our writing and exclamation sentences and questions.

In Art we began to make some birds for our scarecrow display. We began by folding and shaping newspaper, to then put onto long sticks and securing them with tape to form the body of our birds.


In French we drew monsters and then labelled their body parts using the words we have been learning when we have sang ” Heads, shoulders, knees and toes” in French.

We have finally finished our topic on Plants and what fun we have had. We seem to have had countless experiments ongoing and from feedback it seems that lots of children have been inspired to grow things at home.

We are now in Week 2 of our rocket seeds experiment and they are starting to grow, being turned and watered every other day.

rocket seeds seeds

On Tuesday afternoon we kick started our Seaside topic with a visit from Oxfordshire Museum Services who ran a very entertaining workshop. We were taken back in time 100 years to what life was like at the seaside. We dressed up in different bathing outfits.


ruby seaside


We used parasols to protect us from the sun.

rilety and oli

We tried on different hats.

dylan boater pip and daisy seaside

We looked at a variety of cameras that people would have used during the past 100 years.

bear camera camera max

We looked at old photos and tried to see what was similar and what was different to seasides today.

seaside photo

We even had our own Punch and Judy show.

punch and judy

Show and Tell next week will be related to the Seaside.

Monday  – Joseph

Tuesday – Dylan

Wednesday – Daisy

Thursday – Freya

Friday – Sienna

Have a lovely weekend!







Greys 6th May

This week we have been watching our beans grow and had a lovely afternoon recording their progress. We measured them, noted down the changes and drew them.

freya bag nancy bag ruby bag

We then used play doh to create the life cycle of a bean.

astrid bean ruby bean

We finished the afternoon by splitting into groups and created our own drama performance of the life cycle.

Ruby was a little girl who watered her beans and told their life story as they grew.

ruby drama

Whilst in this group Olivia acted as narrator retelling the life cycle.

olivia drama

In Literacy we have been looking at the differences between statements and exclamation sentences and created our own exclamation sentences in pairs, making sure we used What or How to start the sentence and then a noun phrase or adjective, followed by a noun/ pronoun, a verb and finally an exclamation mark.

exc sent

In Big Write we had to write about the adventures of a scarecrow. We began by watching the video of the song “If I only had a brain” with the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. We then listened to The Scarecrow’s Wedding again and used some of their ideas to help us with our writing as we created our own scarecrows and their story.

The Year 1s began the week by adding and subtracting 10, but were so confident that they quickly moved onto adding and subtracting 11, in fact a few were even adding and subtracting 21. They used number squares and number lines to help them.

The Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers using the partitioning method.

Homework this weekend is adding and subtracting 11 for Year 1s and Year 2s have word problems to solve using the partitioning method.

Show and Tell next week will be related to Plants.

Monday – Ruby

Tuesday – Heather

Wednesday – Josie

Thursday – Jamie

Friday – Isobel

On Monday we will be visiting Tolhurst Organic Farm to learn about Organic farming, so children will need waterproof coats and wellies. We will be back in time for lunch at school.

Can all girls please ensure that their hair is tied back for Gym on Wednesdays and earrings removed or covered.

As the weather is getting warmer can all children please ensure that they have a water bottle, hat and sun cream in school please.

Enjoy the sunshine!




Greys class April 29th

Greys class had a very exciting start to the week with a visit to Greys Court to learn all about Plants.

We began the day by splitting up into 5 groups and each group had a set of clues to try and find the letters to make up a fruit, vegetable or herb. Can you guess what this group found?


We then got to taste the different plants. Some of us tasted things that we had never tasted before and quite enjoyed them.

food tasting

We then had to do some still life drawings of different plants and label them. We really concentrated on this activity and surprised the Greys Court staff with our artistic creations.

elodie gc

Then it was time for lunch in the woods and for those of us who finished our lunch quickly we managed to have a bit of playtime and exploring too.


The afternoon session was very busy with lots of different planting activities. We planted pots in the greenhouse to bring back to school.

planting greenhouse

We also planted potatoes in a big sack to bring back to school so that we can see how they grow.


We looked closely at the different types of seeds and seedlings as we carefully prepared the ground to plant, carrots, radishes, runner beans and beetroot.planting 6planting 4planting 5planting 2plantingplanting 3

It was hard work carrying all those watering cans.

freya watering

Some of us even managed to find some minibeasts to say hello to.

bug 2

It was a fantastic day and we found out so much more about the wonderful world of plants and the beautiful gardens of Greys Court.

class gc

A huge thank you to all the parents who helped on the trip on a rather cold and damp day. Well done to you all.

In Maths we have had rather a fun week exploring fractions. The Year 1s enjoyed creating their own pizzas and then splitting them into 1/4s and 1/2s and most of them can even identify 3/4 now.

The Year 2s advanced to finding 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of amounts. We did this by halving a number to find half and then halving again to find a quarter and then adding the quarter and half together to find 3/4.

In Literacy we read another Julia Donaldson book called The Scarecrow’s Wedding and wrote missing posters to find Harry, who has also become a new addition to Greys class. What a surprise we had on Wednesday morning to find him at the front of the class, but he has settled in very nicely and helped us to write our descriptions of him in much greater detail.


In Science we learned all about plants that are grown on farms and what they need to survive and then decided which plants we would grow if we had our own farm and designed our farms complete with our choice of plants. We are very lucky that on Monday 9th May we have been invited to visit Josie’s Grandad’s farm, so we are all very much looking forward to that and learning about organic farming.

Gym involved lots of balancing and much more controlled bouncing around this week and really was so much fun!

gym 2#gymtrampolinebeam

In Art we made pictures of scarecrows using 3d shapes.

shape scarecrow

Homework this weekend is a Maths task on fractions due in on Tuesday if possible please.

Show and Tell next week will be related to Plants.

Tuesday – Lola

Wednesday – Oliver

Thursday – Harrison

Friday – Astrid

Have a lovely long weekend!



Greys 22nd April

Greys class have been learning about life cycles of plants this week and have been fascinated to see how much the seeds they planted have grown each day. We are measuring them daily to see exactly how much they have grown. We quickly realised that the cress was the quickest to grow and some are  measuring 8cm already.

plants 2

We also recorded what had happened to our experiment and were surprised to see that the plant with no soil, but water had actually started to germinate. We acted out the life cycle of a seed and described in detail what happened at each stage of the life cycle.

We planted beans in clear plastic bags and wet tissue to see if they start to germinate and are hoping to see them sprout next week.


In Maths the Year 1s have been adding and subtracting using money and the year 2s have been using different ways to find the difference between two 2 digit numbers. We used, number lines counting up, bridging ten using number facts and number squares. We then totalled different amounts of coins.

We finished our ‘Does chocolate grow on trees?‘ topic by writing information texts as to what a chocolate sculpture is. Then on Friday Benedict introduced us to Bob the superworm who has become a new member of the class complete with his own wormery made by the wonderful Hall family. Benedict gave us a very knowledgable and detailed account of the life of a worm in a wormery and then we listened to the story of Superworm by Julia Donaldson. We wrote lots of adjectives to describe Bob and then took on the roles of newspaper reporters and thought of questions to ask Superworm.

pip worm 3pip worm 2

pip bob 1

Different people took on the role of Superworm and gave us brilliant answers to our questions which we have ready for Monday when we will be writing a newspaper account of the adventures of Superworm.

max wormjamie worm

On Wednesday we went to Thames Valley gym for our first gym session of the term where we practised stretching, jumping, balancing and bouncing on the various equipment.

gym 2gymgym 4gym  3

It was fascinating listening to what we all wanted to be famous for and why. there were lots of footballers, dancers, actresses, nurses, explorers, gardeners and inventors. we had lots of fun sharing our thoughts with everyone.

Jasper wants be an Olympic rower and came complete with his outfit and Daddy’s London 2012 gold medal.

jasper rower

We painted our Arcimboldo style pictures this week and they look amazing as our new display. We took great care to use fine brush strokes and copy our plan accurately.


We are all looking forward to our trip to Greys Court on Monday where we will learn even more about plants. Please remember to bring wellies, coat and a packed lunch.

Show and Tell next week will be connected to our current topic of Plants.

Monday – Nancy

Tuesday – Lily-Mae

Wednesday – Max C.

Thursday – Imogen

Friday – Riley

Have a lovely weekend.


Greys 15th April

Welcome back to a busy Summer term!

We have had lots of fun in Maths this week exploring capacity and playing with water. The Year 1s have been estimating and measuring how many cups might fit into different sized containers and looked at whether containers were, half full/ empty, nearly full/ empty and full  or empty. We were lucky to have Tabby and Lilibeth helping us with our measuring on Wednesday.

lilibeth maths tabby

They also created bar graphs and made pictograms of the different containers.


Year 2s quickly progressed from understanding that 1000 millilitres is equivalent to 1 litre to identifying 1/4 and 1/2 of litres and using measuring jugs to measure how many millilitres of water they held. They too did an excellent job of creating bar charts and pictograms and extracting data from them.

maths 2 maths 3 maths

In Literacy we have continued with our “Does chocolate grow on trees?” topic and created our own chocolate bars with slogans to persuade people to buy them. We have also planned ‘How to make a chocolate sculpture’ which we will be writing about next week in more detail.

We started our new Science topic ” How can we grow our own salad?” and planted peas, spinach and cress. We also performed an experiment by planting the same seeds in the same size pots and putting them in different places with different conditions and are really looking forward to seeing what happens to them over the next few weeks.

We sang “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes” in French and are getting quicker and quicker each time we sing it.

In Art we have been looking at the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo who created pictures from different plants so we decided that we would like to try and do the same.

art 2 art 3 art

On Monday Miss Nutt took us for Athletic and on Wednesday we had a dance and drama session acting out woodland life. From next week we will be having Athletics on a Monday afternoon and Gym on a Wednesday morning.

pe pe2

Homework this week is for the children to reflect on last term’s history topic where they learned about significant individuals from the past and tell me what they would like to be famous for and why. This can be presented in any format they wish and they will share their ideas with the class on Tuesday 19th April.

Can all children please ensure that they have a water bottle and PE kit in school every day.

Show and tell next week is

Monday – Benedict

Tuesday – Jasper

Wednesday – Bear

Thursday – Olivia

Friday – Max F.

Have a lovely weekend.

Greys 23rd March

The last week of term finally arrived and although it was a short week it was still rather busy!

We finished making our Easter cards. Having painted them last week, we removed the masking tape which had been stuck on in the form of a cross and were amazed at the final result. We wrote our Easter messages inside in our very best handwriting.


In Literacy we continued with our no fiction topic of Does chocolate grow on trees? and have been creating our own flow charts, complete with captions and instructions.

In Maths the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers without number squares and although it has been rather tricky they have enjoyed the challenge and were extremely pleased with themselves when they managed to solve the problems. The Year 1s have been adding and subtracting numbers to 20 using number lines and bead strings.

This week we learned all about Mary Seacole and watched a video of her life story and the work she did to help the soldiers on the battlefields in the Crimean War. We were so surprised at the conditions of the hospitals when we saw them and then had to sort the differences between hospitals then and now.

mary seacole tv

mary seacole

For homework we had to draw a picture of our favourite person that we have studied so far and talk about them.

Heather chose Neil Armstrong and was very creative with her drawing explaining the route he took from Earth to the Moon.

heather na

Sienna’s grandma was actually a Nightingale nurse so Sienna talked about Florence Nightingale and brought a lovely book to share with us along with an example of he Nightingale badge given to all Nightingale nurses.

sienna nightingale

Greys class have been practising very hard over the last few weeks with Mrs Clinkard for the Easter service and performed exceptionally well in Church on Wednesday morning.

After lunch on Wednesday we split into our teams and decorated our eggs ready for the Easter egg roll.

Here are a few pictures of Willow team decorating their masterpieces.

egg dec evie egg imogen egg isobel kia

The egg rolling was so much fun.

willow eggs

Mr Steele gave us a few tips before we began.

yr1 eggs

yr2 eggs

We were all exhausted after the egg roll and set off to enjoy our Easter holidays.

There will be no homework over the holidays, but do please try and read if you can.

Show and Tell when we get back will be our favourite books and will be

Monday – Freya

Tuesday – Sienna

Wednesday – Elodie

Thursday – Freddie

Friday – Toby

PE after half term will be on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

Our topic after Easter will be How can we grow our own salad? whereby we will be investigating plants which includes a planting workshop at Greys Court on Monday 25th April.

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and hope you all enjoy your Easter break.



Greys class – 18th March


Greys class have had another lovely week.

On Tuesday we went to the Blunderbus workshop at Valley Road school which was part of Henley Youth Festival. We went back in time to the first Olympics and did a variety of exercises and sports following Captain Olivia, even having a chariot race.



In Maths the Year 1s have been working on their number bonds and adding numbers starting to bridge through 10 whilst the Year 2s have been adding 3, 4 and 5 numbers together using number bonds and doubles.

We began our new Literacy topic which is ‘Does chocolate grow on trees?’ and have been learning about where chocolate comes from. We began to explore the layout of a non fiction book and used captions to describe pictures.

In RE we learnt about The Last Supper and Good Friday and have been busy practising for our performance at the Easter service.

In Big Write on Thursday we made Chocolate nests and then had to write a set of instructions using verbs and adverbs. In  the afternoon we made more chocolate nests to fill the Easter baskets. We had a very creative afternoon making our Easter cards and split pin Easter chicks.

heather cardsienna cut chickscards

Home work this weekend is to draw or paint a picture of Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus or Florence Nightingale showing why they are famous.

Show and tell continues to be the children talking about their favourite book and the children were very enthusiastic to hear about the adventures of Victoria Plum.

heather victoria plum

Show and tell next week is for the children to take about their favourite book.

Monday – Joseph

Tuesday – Dylan

Wednesday – Daisy


Have a lovely weekend.


Greys class – 11th March

Greys class have been working extremely hard this week doing different assessments.

We were all very eager to share our homework where we had researched famous explorers.

Ruby explained in great detail all about Ernest Shackleton.

ruby s and t

Jamie had researched Howard Carter and told us all about mummies and Carter’s experiences.

jamie show and tell

We brainstormed what we could remember about Neil Armstrong and then arranged major events from his life onto a timeline.

In Maths the Year 2s have been multiplying numbers and looking at arrays. They also looked at how they could divide sets into groups. The Year 1s have been adding and taking away numbers to 20 using cubes to help.

In RE we learned all about Palm Sunday and had lots of fun acting it out before retelling the story in our books from the donkey’s point of view.

On Friday we had a special treat and some ladies from Henley Youth Festival came along and did an Art workshop with us. We made some birds along the ‘Carnival’ theme and they all looked very colourful hanging up in our classroom. Some of them will be on display at the River and Rowing Museum in the Henley Youth Festival Exhibition.

birds 2birds 3

Show and Tell next week will be your favourite book and is

Monday – Ruby

Tuesday – Heather

Wednesday – Josie

Thursday – Jamie

Friday – Isobel

Please can you ensure that children have a water bottle and full PE kit in school every day.

Our Harry Potter crew from World Book Day appear in this week’s Henley Standard, so see if you can spot them.

Have a lovely weekend.




Greys – 4th March

This week in Greys class we have been learning about Neil Armstrong and how exciting it was for people when he landed on the moon. We compared the experiences of Columbus and Armstrong and sorted the different things they would have needed for their voyage and mission.

In Maths the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers whilst the Year 1s have been finding the difference between numbers up to 20 using cubes and centimetres.

In Literacy we have been writing more countdown poems and focussing on rhyme, adjectives and alliteration. We have also been adding -ing to verbs to describe what animals are doing.

On Tuesday we recited and acted out Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine by Michaela Morgan. We also had to draw what we thought the machine looked like, it was lots of fun. We then gave each group two stars which were things we liked about their performance and a wish, something we thought they could perhaps improve upon or do differently next time.

daisy and cosienna and coizzy and co dylan and co freya and co

We used wool to make some flowers for our Mummies for Mother’s Day. We carefully twirled the wool around a fork, just like we would spaghetti and it was much trickier than we thought.

flowers harrison flower


Thursday was World Book Day and we all dressed up as different characters. At the beginning of the day we thought we were in Hogwarts.



We tried to improve our still life paintings from last week by painting daffodils for our Mother’s Day cards. It was interesting to compare our two pieces of work and see how we had improved.


At 3 o’clock every afternoon this week a different teacher has gone into a different class to read the children a story. We listened to stories from Miss Glynn, Miss Ballantyne and Mrs Clinkard.

On Thursday afternoon we had a World Book Day quiz with Peppard class and Bear received the Starbook award for his enthusiasm for reading and for answering so many questions in the quiz.

Show and Tell continues to be about our favourite books and Max read his favourite poem to the class which was very funny and enjoyed by us all.

max c

Show and Tell next week is

Monday – Riley

Tuesday – Lola

Wednesday – Oliver

Thursday – Harrison

Friday – Astrid

Homework this weekend is to research a famous British explorer from the past. This can be presented in any format they wish. The children will share their work in class on Tuesday 8th March.

Please ensure that children have full PE kit in school each day and also a water bottle.


Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mummies out there!




Greys 26th February

Welcome back to another action packed term!

Greys class began their week telling the time to the hour and half hour for the Year1s, whilst the Year2s performed experiments to see how many times they could do something in 15 seconds, 30 seconds and a minute. They had to take their shoes on and off, sit down and stand up and all sorts of other exciting things. It was lots of fun and we soon learnt the concept of how long these different times are.

We then moved onto weight whereby the Year 1s compared items which were heavier and lighter using a balance and then ordered 3 items according to their weight. On Friday we estimated how many cubes would balance different objects and then used the cubes to see how accurate their guesses were.

The Year 2s used cubes and then 100g weights to measure all sorts of items and then guessed which weights were lighter and heavier than 100g and 1kg.

weigh 2 yr2 weigh

In Literacy we have been looking at rhyming poems and wrote our very own countdown poems. Ruby received the Starbook award for hers because she was extremely creative in taking on the role of a beekeeper:

We start at…FIVE! I’m going to the hive.

We’re down to …FOUR! Wow there are more!

The count is…THREE! I see a bee.

Yes, but it’s…TWO! Boo and shoo!

We’re down to…ONE! Be gone!

It’s……………….ZERO I get stung. Owwwwww!

On Thursday as it was such a sunny day Mrs Hawkins took us outside for our Literacy lesson. The Year 2s had to create expanded noun phrases to describe leaves that they had found and then the rest of the class took on the role of the leaf police to identify which leaf matched each description.

noun phrases nouns

The Year 1s created rhymes using a verb and adding er, ed and ing without changing the root word.

Riley and Harrison used jump…

endings harrison riley

Max, Jasper and Toby had lots of fun using box.


Bear and Jamie used snowboard.

endings bear jamie

Can you guess what other verbs were used?


They then performed their rhymes to the rest of the class.

In Music we got to use lots of different instruments to create rhythm.

musicmusic 2

In RE we learnt all about St David’s Day and painted some daffodils for display.

riley daffs

daffs 2daffs

Our new topic is about famous people. This week we thought about what qualities these people have and learnt all about Christopher Columbus.

We acted out what it would have felt like to be aboard his ship and realised how uncomfortable and cramped it would have been.

cc boat

Freddie took on the role of Columbus with Dylan and Bear acting as his crewmen and they answered questions as to what life was like for them at sea and in the New World.

3 amigos

We wrote messages in a bottle to tell the Queen of Spain what the conditions were like. We also wrote all about Columbus and discovered many new facts ourselves.

The week finished off with a sunny afternoon playing football on the Common where we practised our passing and shooting skills.

heather football max footbsak ruby football

Show and Tell next week will be your favourite book.

Monday – Benedict

Tuesday – Nancy

Wednesday – Lily

Thursday – Max C.

Friday – Imogen

Have a lovely weekend!