Greys 21st October

What a busy end to this term we have had!

We’ve been out and about to different places including our class visits to the library.


We have covered so much in all our topics and the improvement is all areas of our work is amazing to see.

We finished our work on Traditional tales by writing character descriptions of Maximus using lots of adjectives and expanded noun phrases.

We then read the story of Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell and thought of adjectives to describe the Farmer and the Duck. We thought about how the duck felt and for our Big Write rewrote the story from the point of view of the duck. We used lots of powerful verbs and adjectives to describe what we were doing and how we felt.

In Maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers and fractions of shapes. We have looked at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of different shapes.

In Art we used sponges to print the background for our wallpaper and then cut out and added our leaf prints to create a Greys class William Morris style wallpaper.


We continued with our Seasons topic and have been adding the leaves to our trees from last week.

art-2 art

We also thought carefully about events that happen in each season and what happens to the wildlife and environment in each season.


We compared the weather in hot and cold countries at different times of the year and explored different countries and cities, such as Jamaica, New York, Greenland, Egypt and Australia to see how their climate is different to ours.

We pretended to be weather forecasters and presented our own TV forecast in groups to each other.

Next term our topic will be “What would Paddington Bear find exciting about Henley on Thames?” In this topic we will be going to visit and finding out more about different places in Henley and looking at the Paddington books by Michael Bond. So, if you are in Henley during half term please take as many photos as you can of the children around popular landmarks in the town which can be added to our classroom displays.

We have a trip to the Town Hall on the morning of Monday 7th November and one to St Mary’s Church and the Chantry House on the morning of Tuesday 15th November. On both of these trips we will also have a short walking tour through Henley. Should any parents wish to help on either of these trips, please see Mrs Hawkins.

Show and Tell after half term will be all about Paddington or Henley.

Monday – Esme

Tuesday – Freya

Wednesday – Riley

Thursday – Harriet

Friday – Imogen

Have a wonderful and relaxing half term!



Greys 14th October

In Maths this week the children have been adding and subtracting numbers. Year 1 have been adding and subtracting 1 and 2 to numbers up to 10, whilst some of them moved on to numbers up to 20.

Year 2s were using their number bonds to find the difference to the next multiple of 10. They also turned some of these sums into word problems and solved  problems involving subtraction and addition.

In Literacy we listened to the story of Maximus and the Beanstalk and looked at how the roles of the giant and Jack were reversed. We explored the different characters and enjoyed reenacting the story at the end of the week. We split into groups and decided who would play which character before performing to the rest of the class.


acing act acting-2 acting

In Science we have been exploring the different types of weather and thought about the seasonal changes that happen in Autumn and Winter.

We then began to create our own picture of a tree transforming through the seasons.


We have also been using our printing skills by painting the templates we made last week to create our own wallpaper designs.


In Phonics the Year 1s have been learning how to read and spell ‘magic e’ words and have enjoyed watching these to help them;


The Year 2s have been adding es, s, ies and ves to nouns to make them plural and learning how to spell the plural nouns correctly.

Show and Tell next week is

Monday – |Elfie

Tuesday – Dominic

Wednesday – Harrison

Thursday – Lola

Friday – Esme

Homework this week is to complete a daily weather diary which needs to be returned next Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend!



Greys 7th October

Greys class had an exciting start to their week with a visit to Harcourt Arboretum. We couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful Autumn morning and had a great time exploring the sights that Autumn has to offer. We split into two groups and looked at how the seasons change the different types of trees. We pretended we were birds and picked pretend berries from trees, before smelling the needles and leaves on trees. We looked for different types of holly leaves and spotted lots of peacocks along the way. We went hunting for different types of fungi and were surprised to find so many unusual varieties, We found a badger’s sett and then built a home for a hibernating hedgehog. We pretended to be squirrels and competed to see who could find the most pine cones to eat in a minute. We collected a variety of leaves and made an autumn crown to take home. We even did a spot of tree hugging around the huge redwood tree, the tallest tree in the arboretum.  Thank you to all the parents and helpers who helped us to have such a fabulous morning.

berriwes harco0urt harcourt-1 harcourt tree-hug

In Maths we have been measuring again. The Year 1s have been looking for things which are shorter than and longer than 1 metre, whilst the Year 2 have been measuring to the nearest half centimetre and then ordering their measurements. The Year 1s then explored symmetry using paint, mirrors and felt tips designing their own butterflies before using cookie cutters to cut out play doh and then folding to find the line of symmetry. The Year 2s have also had a fun week of Maths pretending to be robots and using beets and giving each other directions using quarter and half turns and left, right and forwards in their instructions.



In Literacy we have been using the iPads to find our more about Greenpeace and endangered animals and compiled a list of questions that we would like to find out and then finding the answers. In Big Write we wrote letters to Greenpeace and then the following day wrote replies pretending that we were Greenpeace.


In Art we created patterns of leaves, just like William Morris used to and then began to make templates for printing our designs next week.


The Year 1s have been looking at the sounds; ey, oe, ph, and au this week in Phonics and the Year 2s looked at the homophone here/ hear and added ies to verbs ending in y.

In RE we continued with our focus on special people and talked about how the Queen is special to us and our country.

On Thursday lunchtime it was Year 2s turn to visit Sonning Common library and choose 2 books to take home, it was very exciting going out at lunchtime with Mr Steele.

Homework this weekend is in your homework books and needs to be handed in by Tuesday. Please remember spelling books on Mondays and Times tables books for Year 2s on Wednesdays.

Show and Tell next week will be about our new topic “Where do the leaves go to in Winter?” in which we will be looking at seasonal change and the effect it has on the wildlife, weather and the environment.

Monday – Jaz

Tuesday – Josie

Wednesday – Heather

Thursday – Ruby

Friday – Astrid

As it is getting colder it might be helpful if you could put a pair of navy tracksuit/ jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt in your PE kits.

Have a lovely weekend!

Greys September 30th

We began the week reading Dear Greenpeace by Simon James and practised using question marks by thinking of questions we could use to find out more about whales.

Then on Tuesday we had an exciting trip to Henley Literacy Festival  and listened to Simon  read three of his books to us. He told us stories about how he came to write the books; Rex, Baby Brains and Sally and the Limpet and showed us how he illustrates the pictures within his books. It was an amazing hour as he was such a fascinating man to listen to and very funny!

The following day we decided to write letters to him using the questioning skills that we had learned earlier in the week. We can’t wait to see if he replies to us.

For anybody who would like to find out more about Simon, his website is

We have been very busy in Maths learning to tell the time and measuring using different units.

The Year 1s began the week telling the time to the hour and half hour, whilst the Year 2s have been working on telling the time to the 1/4 hour on analogue and digital clocks, which proved rather tricky.

The Year 1s then began measuring different objects using bead strings and cubes. They then ordered the lengths.

meas meas1 measure

The Year 2s measured using decimetres and then centimetres. They also ordered the different heights according to their size.


In French we have been learning how to say “How are you?” and responding with different answers.

In Phonics the Year 2s have been focusing on homophones, especially sea and see and two, to and too. The Year 2s have been using the ew, aw and wh sounds. It would be extremely helpful if you could practise these sounds with the children at home.

Our work on algorithms continued in Computing when we split into different groups and gave our robot  a set of clear instructions to follow, which was a lot trickier than we first thought.

In Art we created characters for our own stories just like Simon James does and then painted them using water colours.

paint-2 paint-3 paint

On Wednesday we had a visitor from the RSPB called Ann who talked to us about the top 10 garden birds in Great Britain.


She shared some fascinating facts about birds with us and took us on a walk to see how many different varieties of birds we could spot in our locality. Red kites and pigeons were very popular on Wednesday afternoon in Peppard.

brdw bridw1

Jasper brought in a very interesting Show and Tell on Wednesday.


For those of you who were unable to make the Reading/ Phonics meeting please see Mrs Hawkins if you would like one of the booklets which includes useful tips and websites to help at home.

Please remember that we will be visiting Harcourt Arboretum on Monday morning for an Amazing Autumn workshop so all children will need a waterproof coat and wellies. We will be back in time for lunch.


Show and Tell next week…

Monday – Elodie

Tuesday – Francesca

Wednesday – Amber

Thursday – Maisey

Friday – Jaz

Have a lovely weekend!




Greys 23rd September

This week Greys class have been looking at different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk. They have role played the stories and then wrote a recount for Big Write.
The Year 2s have been trying to use when, if and because in their writing whilst the Year 1s have been using and to join two sentences.
In Phonics the Year 1s have been looking at the following sounds; oy, ir and ue.
The Year 2s have been adding the suffixes -ful and -less to words to form adjectives.
In Maths we have all been recognising different coins and understanding their value.
The Year 1s were adding 1p and 2p to different amounts and then had to decided which coins they would use to make 3p, 4p and 6p.
The Year 2s have been using coins to find ordered possibilities of amounts and then adding 2 amounts together and then working out how much change they would get from 20p.
In Art Mrs Clinkard showed us some of the work of Piet Mondrian and we created our own masterpiece in his style using primary colours.
display img_0436
We then practised mixing those primary colours to create new colours.
We planted beans and are looking forward to seeing whose bean will reach the castle first.
We thought carefully about what seeds need to help them grow and are conducting an experiment to see if they can grow without soil, water or light.
Show and Tell (Birds, plants & trees)
Monday – Bear
Tuesday – Ava
Wednesday – Jasper
Thursday – Jemima
Friday – Toby
Can you please ensure that your child’s spelling book is in School on a Monday ready for the test and Times tables books on Wednesdays.
There is no homework this weekend, but if the children would like to find out what they can about local British garden birds in preparation for our visit from the RSPB on  Wednesday they are more than welcome to.
Please find below the song that Greys class will be performing at this year’s Harvest church service. It would be extremely helpful if the children could practise it at home as well.
Thank Your Lucky Stars
Look around you tell me what you see
A world that’s full of possibility
Water to drink and food to eat
Clothes to wear, shoes on your feet,
We give thanks to you
Share what you have
with people you love
and life gets better
(life gets better)
Give what you’ve got
to people who’ve not
and life gets better
(life gets better)
Be thoughtful and grateful
Thank your lucky stars
for all the food that we eat
and this planet that is ours
(planet that is ours)
See the plants and food that farmers grow
Takes a lot of hard work don’t you know
Ev’ry day they work the land
Rain and sun lend a helping hand,
We give thanks to you
Be thoughtful and grateful
Thank your lucky stars
for all the food that we eat
the oats and the wheat
and this planet that is ours
(planet that is ours)
Thank you for the love you give to me
Thank you for your generosity
When I’m sad and feeling blue
I know I can turn to you,
We give thanks to you
Be thoughtful and grateful
Thank your lucky stars
for all the food that we eat
the oats and the wheat
the folks that we meet
and this planet that is ours
(planet that is ours)
Have a lovely weekend!

Greys 16th September

Greys class have had another busy week.

We have been looking at number bonds in Maths. The Year 2s are pretty confident with their number bonds to 20 and had to think of different ways to make 10 and then 20 using 3, 4 or 5 numbers and this certainly kept them so quiet, you could almost hear their brains ticking.

adding-numbers-riley maths-2

The Year 1s have been working on their number bonds to 5 and 10 and have used dominoes, soft toys and cubes to help them count. Some of them then added 1,2,3,4, and 5 to 5 and 15. Others were beginning to bridge 10 by adding numbers higher than 5 to 5.

In Literacy we have been  reading an ebook called Don’t read this book! which has caused rather a lot of amusement. It tells the story of a rather  bossy king who employs a story writer to write his own traditional tale. The children thought of adjectives to describe the king, questions to ask the characters and role played the story of The Princess and the Pea.

In Art they carefully drew their self portraits in stages


and then mixed paints to create skin coloured tones.


They took great care to paint the fine details of their faces, all ready for a new display.

painitng-3 painitng painting-2

On Thursday morning we searched for different wild plants on the Common before it got too hot later that day. We found all sorts; daisies, dandelions, clover, thistles and many more. We made a tally of each variety on our lists and then added them together before deciding on which was the most popular plant we found.

je-common plant-hunt-2 plant-hunt-3 plant-hunt

Homework this weekend is to choose one wild plant and draw, paint or print a picture of it. This can be labelled or they can write some information about it. It needs to be on A4 paper as they will be used to collate a class book of wild plants for us all to share.

Show and Tell next week is still topic related (Plants, trees or birds)

Monday – Noah

Tuesday – Immy Croft

Wednesday – Nancy

Thursday – Jonathan

Friday – Clara

Have a lovely weekend!


Greys 9th September

Welcome back to a new school year!

We have had a lovely first week back which has been action packed and has flown by. We have been spending lots of time getting to know each other and have had lots of fun along the way.

We began the week by looking at the pictures of the dream jars that different people had collected in London and Mrs Clinkard definitely won the prize for collecting the most, so a very big thank you for her and her family’s  enthusiasm on this little challenge. Although a very special thank you should also go to Mrs Byron  who also managed to collect rather a few for us.

We listened to an extract from The BFG by Roald Dahl and discussed what our dreams would be… some of us dreamt that we would go to Fairyland, others would build massive towers and quite a few wanted to fly. We then drew our dreams and placed them into dream jars which we decorated.


The following day we wrote about our dreams using adjectives and our senses to describe them.

In Art we began to make dream catchers which was rather tricky at times making sure that the wool didn’t get too tangled as we threaded it through.


In Big Write we wrote all about our Summer holidays and then looked at how we could improve our writing the following day.

In Maths we have been estimating and guessing different amounts. We ordered numbers as quickly as we could.


We also used beaded lines to find numbers and the Year 2s were using them to count in jumps of 2, 5 and 10.

Our new topic is all about plants, trees and garden birds. On Wednesday afternoon we went for a lovely walk to see how many different trees we could spot.



We brought lots of leaves back to the classroom and matched them to pictures of the correct trees. We then decided which trees were deciduous and which were evergreen.

We had a vote to decide who our Worship and School council representatives would be for this year and they are;

Worship council – Jemima & Heather

School council – Noah & Imogen

Show and Tell next week will be topic related ( plants, trees and garden birds)

Monday – Riley

Tuesday – Harriet

Wednesday – Imogen Cima

Thursday – Max

Friday – Noah

A letter regarding this week’s homework has come home in your child’s book bag and should be handed in by Tuesday if possible.

Please have a look at the Greys class page for general information regarding our weekly routine and there will also be an information session on Monday 19th September at 9am and 3:30pm to find out what lies ahead in Greys class for the next term. Should you have any questions in the meantime please feel free to come and speak to Mrs Hawkins.

Have a lovely weekend.

Greys class 20th July

The end of term has finally arrived!

The last few days were taken up with Greys class writing their Memory booklets of their time in Greys class, which made us think of all the fun and exciting times that we have had together over the last year. Lots of children wrote about the different school trips, many wrote of their enjoyment of Big Write and their achievements are endless. Funniest memories ranged from quotes of  Mrs Clinkard and Mrs Hawkins, to Mrs Hawkins jumping at the frog on Tolly’s Farm to the funny antics of some of the more entertaining characters in Greys class! They really made us think about what a busy, rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable year we have had.

The trip to London on Tuesday was a huge success and we all had a lovely day enjoying all that the Science Museum had to offer. It was lovely to see all the forms of transport that we have been learning about over the last few weeks and explored Space in more detail.

On Wednesday we said a farewell to the Year 6s alongside the rest of the school and sang The Change Train to them with Freddie performing an outstanding solo in the final verse.

The year ended with our traditional picnic and water fight on the Comm0n before we all set off for our well-deserved Summer break.

In September we will be reading The BFG by Roald Dahl in Greys class  and for anybody visiting London over the Summer there is a BFG trail to follow and explore. If you do see any of the Dream Jars please take photos, noting their location so that we can have a display of them in the classroom in September.

Thank you so much to all the parents who help in the classroom and on school trips, it makes a huge difference and we value your support immensely. Your children love being able to share those hands on experiences with you and are memories that will remain with them. Whether it’s making chocolate truffles in class, finger painting, reading, computing or making bricks on school trips it is immensely rewarding for all, so if you wish to volunteer to help in any form please see Mrs Hawkins in September. Hopefully I will have booked all the trips  for the forthcoming year by then to enable you all to plan your diaries should you wish to support us outside the classroom.

Thank you to you all for your kindness and generosity with all your gifts and cards at the end of the term to both Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Clinkard. They were all very much appreciated.

Above all thank you to all the children for a fabulous year and to the Year 2s for an amazing 2 years. You have all done so very well and given us so many wonderful memories and we are immensely proud of you. Year 2, enjoy Key Stage 2, we will miss you! Year 1s let’s look forward to another fun filled and exciting year in Greys class!

Have a wonderful Summer!


Greys class 15th July

It was lovely to see the whole school production of Dream on on Wednesday night and the children were outstanding in every way possible. They sang their hearts out and smiled throughout making us all very proud indeed.

play 2 play

Needless to say Thursday was a somewhat quieter day as everyone was rather tired, so we created some pictures based on ‘A journey to the moon’ to enter into the Binfield Heath art competition.

moon 3 moon 2 moon

In Topic we finished learning all about transport by creating our own futuristic forms of transport which was very exciting.

On Tuesday we explored different websites to find out more about the Solar System and used the information to create our own pages to put together for a class book.

We have also been putting together our memory booklets ready to take home next week.

Mrs Hawkins finished reading Peter Pan to us and we learned all about J.M.Barrie. She also told us about the Princess Diana Memorial Park in London which is based on Peter Pan and Neverland, it looked lots of fun.

We are all looking forward to our trip to the Science Museum on Tuesday and are on countdown to the Summer holidays.

There is no homework this weekend.

Can all children please ensure that they bring in 2 named plastic bags on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Greys 8th July

Greys class have been very busy practising for the end of term production this week and are now sounding rather fabulous. We practised as a whole school on Monday and Wednesday and it was lovely to see it all coming together rather nicely.

On Tuesday and Thursday morning we went into our new classes. In Greys we learned all about the Olympics and made our own Olympic medals from clay. First we rolled the clay into a ball, flattened it, shaped it and then made patterns using a cocktail stick.


On Thursday we then painted it creating our own colourful designs.

amber medaljemimam astrid balloonevie medal

Max then showed us how to make paper aeroplanes and we had the Greys class paper aeroplane Olympics.

max papaper olpaper ol 2

The following day we continued with our Olympic theme and ran relay races. Mrs Hawkins couldn’t believe how good we were at this.


We then pretended we were throwing the javelin, which was so much fun.

oly 2

We had a great time together and are really looking forward to September.

new classnew class 2

Greys class have been looking at position in Maths and have been predicting what a 3D shape would look like after a 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 turn and also revisiting the order of the days of the week and what we do on different days.

We had a great time learning about the history of flight and watched a video of how people tried to fly years ago. You can follow this link to see why we got rather excited when we saw this.

We also learned all about the first steam trains and George Stephenson and had to imagine what it felt like to ride a steam train for the first time.

Benedict was so inspired about our study of Viking longboats that he decided to make one out of lego and brought it in to share with us.

pip boat

Dylan made a paper helicopter for Show and Tell and showed us all how to make one.

Show and Tell next week is

Monday – Daisy

Tuesday – Freya

Wednesday – Sienna

Thursday – Elodie

Friday – Freddie


Have a lovely weekend.