Peppard Class 28th March

This week in Peppard class we said ‘goodbye’ to our chicks. They started to grow feathers and began to get quite smelly so we thought it would be nice to send them to their new home where they would have plenty of space.

Our caterpillars have now turned to cocoons. We carefully moved them into the net and are hoping that they will hatch sometime next week.

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We have looked at the life cycle of a plant and read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We discussed the main characters and retold the story in different mediums. We then talked about what a plant needs to survive and planted their own beans which will be coming home at the end of term.

We were lucky to have Highmoor teach us P.E on Monday. They were teaching us lots of skills such as balancing, hopping, catching, kicking and moving in different ways.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

We have been practicing for our Easter service which is next Thursday and hope that you will be able to attend.


School and Worship Council Assembly

Today School and Worship Councils joined forces to lead their first whole school assembly about Mothering Sunday. They wrote prayers, selected a hymn and talked about the history of Mothering Sunday.

Geno read “Five Minutes Peace” which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Assembly 1

Assembly 2 Assembly

We are really looking forward to our next assembly after the Easter Holidays.

Peppard Class 14th March

Wow…..well what an exciting week.

This week we started off with a trip to the Kenton Theatre to see ‘Peter and the Wolf’. It was a solo performance of a man who used shadow puppets to tell the story. At the end of the show he taught us how to make the wolf with our hands.

On Thursday we went to see the ‘Travelling Tuba’. It was a fun and interactive session where we were taken around the world whilst being introduced to some fantastic instruments. Olivia was lucky enough to play the ‘Alpine Horn’ from Switzerland and we were very impressed.

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Our caterpillars are growing by the day and are now looking fat. It won’t be long until they have turned into cocoons.

Our chicks are due to hatch on Monday. Miss Bryant is taking them home for the weekend just in case they come early. We have set up a brooder box with newspaper and sawdust with an incubation light to keep them warm. We are very excited and will invite you in to visit the once they are settled.

In maths this week we have been learning about sharing and halving. We selected fruits from the Hungry Caterpillar and practiced halving fruits and sharing them. We then tasted them and decided which fruit was our favourite. We also practiced sharing out counters and compare bears. At the end week we shared out sweets, this cemented the concept of sharing fairly very quickly.

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March 7th Peppard Class

Our caterpillars arrived in Peppard class this week. It was very exciting. We had to divide the nutrient into small vials and then separate the caterpillars so that they had one vial each.  We had to put holes in the containers to allow them to breathe. Altogether we have 33 caterpillars. We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly and created our own for display.  


Our eggs are also doing very well. Today we were very lucky to have Olivia’s grandma bring in a machine so that we could look inside the eggs to see how well they are growing. All 6 of our eggs appear to have chicks inside. We have approximately 10 days until they are due to hatch.

 In Mathematics this week we have been looking at doubling and sharing. We practiced doubling numbers by drawing butterflies and doubling the amount of spots on both sides.

 In our creative time we have made cocoons and caterpillars. We also painted symmetrical butterflies.

 World Book was a huge success. Mr James Mayhew came into read us a story and painted as he read. It was very clever and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We also had to design a book cover of our favourite book.  Mr Mayhew judged our covers and Lily Clements won a book voucher.

Next week is the Henley Youth Festival. We have 2 very exciting outings planned. On Tuesday we are going to the Kenton Theatre to see ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and on Thursday we are off to see the ‘Travelling Tuba’.

 Have a lovely weekend.

Peppard Class February 28th

This term our topic is ‘Growth and Change’.  We are going to be looking at lifecycles of chickens and caterpillars and growing our own vegetables and plants.

This week has been very exciting as 6 chicken eggs arrived in Peppard Class. We have been talking about how to take care of them and have written our own care plan. The eggs will take approximately 21 days to hatch so we have created a sticker chart to count down the days. Next week we will hopefully be able to see inside the eggs to see how big the chicks are.

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In topic we have been looking at the story of the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We created puppets and have been practicing retelling the story. We made our own mini ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ story books. In our creative time we started to make a caterpillar for our display using different materials and textures. Next week we have our own caterpillars arriving

Picture 431compressed

In Mathematics this week we have been looking at numbers 1-20. We have been practicing putting them in order and finding missing numbers. We also practiced placing non-sequential numbers in order.

In phonics we consolidated the sounds we have learnt already and introduced the ‘or’ sound. We practiced writing sentences starting with a capital letter, using finger spaces and finishing with a full stop.


February 14 Peppard Class

This week in Peppard Class we have been learning the days of the week. We learnt a song to help us to remember. We started to talk about the seasons and months of the year.

 In Phonics we have learnt the sounds ‘oo’ and ‘ar’. We have been practicing all of the sounds we have learnt so far and all of our tricky words.

Towards the end of the week we started to make Valentines Day cards and biscuits. We talked about hygiene and weighing whilst baking. We all enjoyed eating our biscuits.

Thank you to all the parents that came in to see us this afternoon. It is always so lovely to share our learning with you.

Have a lovely half term holiday.



7th February Peppard Class

This week we have put our new wet weather suits to good use. We have enjoyed splashing in puddles and turning the puddles into bubble mixture.

In independent play the children decided to create a cafe. They negotiated their ideas and used prior learning to design their own narrative. We thoroughly enjoyed observing and interacting with them.

In topic we have enjoyed learning about ‘Super Heroes’. We spent some time talking about our favourite Super Heroes and then we designed and painted some of our own. The children gave their     Super Hero a special power.

In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have been looking at cubes, cuboids, cones, spheres and cylinders. We started the week by going on a shape hunt and finding 3D shapes in our environment. We then sorted the shapes into different categories and started to look at their properties (number of faces and shape of faces)

In phonics we have been consolidating the ‘igh’ and ‘oa’ sound and we have started to look at ‘oo’.

We hope to see your next Friday for our Super Hero Party starting at 1.30. It will be a good opportunity for you to come and play and share your child’s Learning Journey.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Peppard January 24th

This week we have been learning about the value of money. The children have been identifying coins and how much each coin is worth. We set up our very own shop in the classroom and have been practicing buying items using the correct coins. If you are out shopping together you could encourage your child to find the coins to pay for small items.

In Phonics we have been practicing rhyming strings and reading rhyming stories. We have learnt the sounds ‘ai’, ‘ee’ and ‘igh’.

On Thursday the children thoroughly enjoyed talking about their special objects. The children listened well and asked great questions.

In your child’s book bag is their Hero Booklet. This weekend we are being a ‘Neighbourhood Hero’. If you could please complete the next page. Thank you.



December 13th

This week the children did a fantastic performance of Babushka. The children all worked extremely hard and sang beautifully. We were very proud of them. They are looking forward to doing their nativity in the church next week.

In Phonics we continued to practice the ‘qu’ sound and introduce ‘ch’ sound. We have been practicing writing lots of ‘ch’ words.

In Maths we have been looking at measures. We have been using words such as ‘tall’ and ‘short’.

We finished the week with a treat. The Buddies visited and came and read with us. We shared our reading books and showed them how amazing we are at reading.Picture 212

Picture 214 Picture 215 Picture 216 Picture 217 Picture 218 Picture 219 Picture 220 Picture 221 Picture 222 Picture 223

December 6th

This week we went to watch ‘How to catch a Star’ at Norden Farm in Maidenhead. We had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

We also had our School Christmas Lunch and a visit from Father Christmas.Thank you to all of the parents that came in and helped make it so special.

In phonics this week we have learnt sounds ‘z’, ‘zz’ and ‘qu’ and we have continued to practice all of the tricky words we have learnt so far.

In maths we have continued looking at subtraction and have started to use a number line to help us find the correct answer.

Next week we are looking forward to performing in the production Babushka. We hope you can come.

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