Peppard Class 6th June

This term in Peppard Class our topic is ‘Under the Sea’.  This week we have started to look at ‘The beach’. We have started to make signs to turn our outdoor role play into a beach hut and in our creative play we made beach collages out of different materials.

In maths this week we have been practicing being accurate counters and forming our numbers correctly.  We have been estimating and counting objects up to 20. We have been practicing our number formation in the sand, using the water paint, chalk and using the Ipads.

IMG_1670 IMG_1673 IMG_1669 IMG_1668

We were very pleased to see that are beans have been growing in our garden. Today we picked 3 beans and enjoyed tasting them during snack time. We are all very excited about tasting the strawberries.


IMG_1675 IMG_1679

Peppard Class May 2nd

Welcome back. Hope you all had a fantastic Easter.  Our caterpillars finally hatched!! Unfortunately they hatched during the holidays (2 days after we broke up). Miss Bryant took them to Mrs Byron’s house and we released them with her children. Miss Bryant made a slide show of pictures so we could see what they looked like.

This term our topic is Dinosaurs. This week we made a ‘Dinosaur Cave and Dig’ in our classroom. We have added our own pictures and labels. We have put sand inside and hidden fossils and made bits out of junk to help us to explore. We have been learning about non-fiction books and have identified key features.  We found out information about the T-Rex and the Triceratops and we will use this information to create our own non-fiction books.

For our dinosaur display we painted our own dinosaurs.  During our creative time some children decided to make their own dinosaur masks and wings. We have also created a dinosaur egg. We are hoping it will hatch soon.

In maths we have been subtracting numbers using a number line and counting back on our fingers. We have also been answer number problems.

Have lovely bank holiday weekendIMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0602 IMG_1486



Peppard Class April 4th

Another busy week in Peppard class.

Our caterpillars have sadly not hatched in time for the Easter Break. Mrs Byron is going to keep them over the holidays and keep us updated on their progress.

In maths we have been learning about repeated patterns. We started the week by going on a pattern walk in the community. We took clipboards and Ipad’s to record our findings. Oliver was very helpful and carried our first aid bum bag. The next day we designed some of our own repeated patterns using the resources in the classroom. We also created repeated patterned Easter eggs.

IMG_0129 IMG_0137 IMG_0139


We thoroughly enjoyed performing at the Easter Service. We all practiced very hard, remembered our lines and spoke with clear, strong voices.  Miss Bryant was so proud.

We also made a start to our planting. We have planted peas, onions and garlic. We have spoken about how to look after our plants and are responsible for watering them every day. A big thank you to Laura Powell who came in to help.

Today we say goodbye to one of our students from Chiltern College, Miss Crocker, who has helped out in Peppard Class. We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ and wish her lots of luck in the future.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter break.

Peppard Class 28th March

This week in Peppard class we said ‘goodbye’ to our chicks. They started to grow feathers and began to get quite smelly so we thought it would be nice to send them to their new home where they would have plenty of space.

Our caterpillars have now turned to cocoons. We carefully moved them into the net and are hoping that they will hatch sometime next week.

IMG_1404 compressed IMG_1401 compressed IMG_1400 compressed

We have looked at the life cycle of a plant and read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We discussed the main characters and retold the story in different mediums. We then talked about what a plant needs to survive and planted their own beans which will be coming home at the end of term.

We were lucky to have Highmoor teach us P.E on Monday. They were teaching us lots of skills such as balancing, hopping, catching, kicking and moving in different ways.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

We have been practicing for our Easter service which is next Thursday and hope that you will be able to attend.