School Council use their interviewing skills

On Wednesday this week the School Council were part of the interview process for the new class teacher in KS1. They had devised a series of questions which they asked each candidate – these ranged from “If you were on a desert island what one thing would you take?” to “What is your favourite dinner and pudding?”

They were extremely professional and were commended on how well they articulated themselves.

School and Worship Council Assembly

Today School and Worship Councils joined forces to lead their first whole school assembly about Mothering Sunday. They wrote prayers, selected a hymn and talked about the history of Mothering Sunday.

Geno read “Five Minutes Peace” which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Assembly 1

Assembly 2 Assembly

We are really looking forward to our next assembly after the Easter Holidays.

Huge thanks to Father Christmas and his helpers!

Thanks to Sally’s fabulous cooking, and enormous hard work, children enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch today – with all the festive trimmings. They even had a visit from Father Christmas who spoke to every child and handed them an individually wrapped present!

Fathyer Christmas 130             

Thank you FOPS for all your enthusiasm in serving  the Christmas lunches and the effort you put in to turning our classroom into a Christmas Wonderland.