Highmoor – 9th December

This week in maths we have been focusing on reading the time from analogue and digital clocks.

In literacy, we finished reading The Spiderwick Chronicles only to find out the main characters have had many more adventures and met weird and wonderful creatures that we didn’t come across in the first book. For our Big Write, we will be writing our own version of the next part of the story. We have created some new characters of our own and designed a new imaginary setting. Next week, we will be writing the stories!

On Friday, we had our whole school Christmas lunch. While the parents were busy setting up, we went on a welly walk through the fields. We had a great time running up and down the hills and built up an appetite for our delicious dinner. We even had a visit from Father Christmas who brought presents for everyone!


Peppard class – 9th December 2016

Thank you to the children for a lovely performance of their innovated version of We are going on  bear hunt.  They told it to the parents beautifully and it was a very original version!

In maths this week we have been doing some counting and ordering numbers using Christmas pictures.  We have also been learning about weight.  We used both balancing scales and standard weighing scales to cook our cakes.  The children had to make sure that each ingredient was equal to the weight of the egg.


The children were very excited about writing their Christmas lists.  Sally came in to class and they all showed her their wonderful writing.  I do hope Santa is impressed!


In continuous provision this week, the children have been wrapping presents, creating sleighs, writing and making up stories.


Each child will be bringing home our phase 2 and 3 phonic sound sheets.  Please can you practise the sounds as often as you can over the Christmas break, it will not take long but will be beneficial to their progress.  Thank you.


Greys 9th December

Greys class have been practising for their play this week and are getting very excited about their performances next week. Can everybody please go over their lines this weekend in preparation for the big day on Tuesday? Performances will be at 2:30 and 6pm.

In Maths the Year 2s have been adding 2 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers using number squares and beaded lines and then creating their own number lines to solve the sums.

The Year 1s have been revisiting numbers to 100 and working out 1 more and 1 less than a given number. They have also been working on number bonds to 10 and 20.

In Literacy we wrote some rather silly poems and finished our Poetry topic on Thursday, when in Big Write we wrote poems  entitled 10 wishes for Christmas.

We also wrote Christmas wishes for ourselves, our families and for the World which are now on display in the classroom.

It was the Year 1’s turn this week to use the paint programme in Computing to design their Christmas cards. It was lovely to see the Year 2s giving them a helping hand and I’m sure all their families will be delighted when they see the finished articles.

ict-2 ict-3 ict

On Friday we went on our Winter welly walk whilst Christmas lunch was being prepared. We had lots of fun singing Christmas songs as we walked and running around in the fields on such a sunny day.

Can everybody please bring in a named carrier bag ready to take their end of term crafts home in.

Show and Tell next week is about Christmas

Monday – Riley

Tuesday – Harriet

Wednesday – Imogen

Thursday – Max

Friday – Noah

Have a lovely weekend!



Peppard Class – 2nd December 2016

Peppard Class – 2nd December 2016

We have had an enjoyable and busy week.  We started the week by practising our new version of the Bear Hunt story ready for you to see on Tuesday morning.  Please can you come in at 8.50 am so that we are not late for Assembly.

In phonics we have been practising our digraphs.  Our new sounds this week are:

oo, ee, oa and ar.

We are practising the tricky words:

my, all, are, go, no, me, be, we.  Please practise these sounds and words at home.

Lots of our maths has been in our routine this week.  We have been counting in ones and in pairs.  The children are doing very well with this. We have also continued looking at money with our daily snack shop. We have also been practising with shape, see if your child can remember Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon.  We have also started playing a new game called Popcorn.  The children are really keen to play this game and we are trying to beat our time each day.  This is supporting their awareness of time and how a stopwatch works.

Well done to the children for a lovely presentation of their song in the Advent service.  They try so hard with their songs.

We enjoyed a game of football on Thursday.  The children had a paving square and some chalk to write down their scores.  There was lots of counting and excitement to write numbers.  They used maths language to see who had the highest and lowest.  They also grasped the rules of the game and played fairly.  It was great fun!

We had a new visitor to our class on the 1st December.  Our Elf called Elfred.  He is staying until Christmas and watching the children work and behave beautifully.  He has been a great addition to the class, although we have seem a little bit of tricky behaviour when he was swinging from the ceiling!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Springwood’s week, 25th November

This week in Maths, Springwood have been working with different units of measurement. We began the week by converting between grams and kilograms, and millilitres and litres. We then moved on to looking at converting between meters and kilometres, and learned about the relationship between miles and kilometers. On Wednesday, the children were introduced to ounces, pounds, stone, feet, inches, and pints. We began to convert between these units of measure. Our final maths lesson of the week involved us measuring our heights in cm and converting to feet and inches, weighing ourselves in kg and converting to stones and pounds and converting imperial recipes to metric.

img_0623 img_0624 img_0625 img_0626

In Literacy this week, we have been looking at persuasive writing and the creation of balanced arguments. We have analysed a series of persuasive texts, including an advert,  a persuasive letter, and a discussion text. This culminated in the children writing a discussion text on whether the school day should change from 9-3.30 to 7-1.30. Ultimately, the class were split as to whether it should change.

In Geography, the children learned about the difference between weather and climate, as well as different types of climate. They went on to learn about a number of different biomes, and the properties of them. Following this, the children learned some of the key vocabulary to do with rivers, including source, tributaries and meander. Next, they learned about the plates that make up the Earth, including why earthquakes happen and how mountains and volcanoes are formed. Finally, we looked at the water cycle, and armed with graphs recording the weather in two cities, discussed which, of a number of statements, fit each place.

On Thursday afternoon, we had a visit from the Berkshire Fire and Rescue service. We learned what to do in the event of a fire: get out, stay out, call 999. We also learned how to tell if a smoke alarm is running out of battery. Following this, we had a music lesson, in which we practised a song for the Christingle service. We continued to learn about weather forecasts in French.

The children have been asked to create a poster about the water cycle for their homework. This can either be e-mailed in, or brought into school as a hard copy on Monday.





Peppard class – 25th November 2016

Welcome to Peppard Class.

This week, we have been doing the following sounds in phonics:

ai, ee, igh,oa, and the tricky words, was, my

We would be most grateful if you could practise these at home.  It is important for children to sound them out as a digraph (2 letters, 1 sound) or trigraph (3 letters, 1 sound)  when they are reading.  It would be a good exercise to find some digraphs in books – reading books or story books.  It has been lovely to observe the children choosing phonics games to play during their independent learning time.


In maths this week, we have been learning about money.  We learned about different values of coins during our carpet maths.  We then set up a snack shop.  We have never seen the children eat so much fruit and they were great at finding the correct money.


We have been counting up to 100 during our maths lessons.  Again, it has been great to see the children choosing to count using the hundred square during their independent learning time.


We have been innovating our story of the Bear Hunt.  The children were so creative and individual in doing this task.  The family in the story went through some unusual places in order to find the bear!  We would like to invite you to see our new invention of the story on Tuesday 6th December at 9.00. It will take about 10 minutes for the children to show their version.

We made some biscuits this week.  The children weighed out the ingredients and wrote the recipe.  They enjoyed writing for a purpose.  Next week they will be making some fruit scone bears!


We have been observing the children making some lovely stories together.  Here is a picture of one our our beautiful princesses.  The children were dancing to some classical Disney music and interpreted the music well.


Have a lovely weekend.

Springwood’s Week – 18th November

This week in Maths, Springwood have been working with decimals. We have used a number of strategies to find the difference between numbers with one, two or three decimal places. We practised a range of mental methods to solve problems, including bridging through 10, and working with degrees, fractions, area and perimeter.

During Literacy, we have practised a range of aspects of grammar, including: the inclusion of relative clauses into sentences, the use of semi-colons and colons to link two clauses, and the use of the passive voice.

In our Geography lesson, we investigated the way in which the climate of a country affects the economy. The children did their own research on an area of their choice, investigating the amount of rainfall.

On Friday, the children designed their own ‘Grammar Guides’. They selected aspects of grammar that they felt that they needed practise to use, and created their own guide to help them to do so.

Francesca, Lois and Matilda represented the school at the Queen Anne’s Spelling Bee. We are very proud of them.

Peppard class – 18th November 2016

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.

In Maths we have been looking at the different seasons, days of the week and months of the years.  We have started to sequence them and talk about the differences between them.  We have made a graph to see how many children have their birthday in each month.  To look at the changes of season, we took a picture of our hedge at the end of the garden so that we can watch it change in colour over the year.

In phonics we have learned the following sounds:

sh, ch, th, ng

Tricky words – we, me, be

Writing is available throughout our class and outside.  The children are starting to apply their phonic knowledge to write captions and short sentences.  We are really encouraging this.  Please encourage the children to write at home, meaningful writing is the most engaging – for example, writing a shopping list, menu, letter or postcard etc.

We had so much fun in the downpour on Thursday.  We wrapped up in our coats and wellies and explored how the chalks change and the colours mix in the puddles.  Some of the children played in the sand pit and remarked on the changes between wet and dry sand.  A few children had to be rescued because it had become “sucky sand”!

I will update this page with photographs on Monday.  Have a great weekend.

Peppard Class – 11.11.2016

The children in Peppard class made us very proud on Wednesday when they sang “He’s got the whole world in his hands”.  They were beautifully behaved and extremely respectful at our Remembrance Service.

We took full advantage of the cold weather at the beginning of the week.  We found some ice in our water tray.  We decided to try an experiment.


We put some of the ice in a glass and left it outside, and we put some of the ice in a glass and left it inside.  We all predicted what would happen to the ice by lunch time, which was an hour later.  Most of the children thought it would melt, and they explained what melting was and how it happens.



They predicted that the ice in the classroom would melt more quickly and they were correct.



We have enjoyed looking at different stories this week.  We have begun looking more closely at the story “We are going on the Bear Hunt”.  Ask your child if they can remember the name of the author!


We have made some masks and we have been building obstacle courses and caves as we retell the story.


In phonics this week, we have been learning:

y, z, qu

tricky words: he, she

Spell tricky words: the, to

Please can you help the children with these sounds at home.

In maths this week, we have been ordering numbers and playing some number games.  The children have been practising writing numbers.  We are now counting to 100 at the beginning of our maths lessons.

We have observed some lovely learning during our Choosing time in class.  Edith and Laila developed their own fairy tale.  They both chose names for their Prince Charming.


Some of the children have chosen to make some masks to retell the bear hunt story.  They were trying different ways to make the masks fit and stay on their faces.


Some of the children decided to write a sign for the Bear Hunt obstacle course outside.



Have an enjoyable weekend!  If your child does anything new or helpful then please write it on a sticky note or wow slip to go on their wall.

As I mentioned to many of you at the Parent’s evening, you are very welcome to come and look in your child’s folder in the mornings before school.  I have not made a particular morning because I know everyone has different schedules.  If an afternoon is better for you, then we are usually in the classroom until at least 4 pm on Monday to Thursday.


Peppard Class – 4th November 2016

Welcome to our news.  We have had such a fun but busy week.   In phonics we have been learning some new sounds.  These have been:

j, v, w, x

We have also been singing the alphabet song and learning the letter names.

Please can you practise these tricky words at home:

the, to, no, go, into, I

It has been a pleasure listening to the children read.  They have all developed their skills this term.  We are very proud of them.

On Monday, we had a Divali day.  We learned about the Hindu festival and carried out some fun activities.  We made some sweets, Diva lamps, Rangoli patterns in chalk and tried some traditional dancing after watching a clip on Cbeebies.  We loved the music.


Making sweets


Rangoli patterns to welcome visitors


Diva lamps

On Tuesday, we had an exciting outing to Pizza Express where we had a tour then made our own pizzas.  Whilst our pizzas were cooking, we invented a new version of the Little Red Hen story.  We changed the characters and made pizza instead of bread.  Once again, we were so proud of the children and their beautiful behaviour on the trip.




We took advantage of the wonderful weather by making shadow pictures.  We started by drawing them on the ground and then we had a go at drawing them on the fence.


In Maths this week, we were learning about measuring and capacity.  We ordered the whole class by tallest to shortest.  I then asked the question,      “Is the oldest child the tallest?”  The children were not sure so we reordered the children in relation to their age.  They now know that the tallest is not the oldest!


We then took our measuring lesson down to the woods.  The children used standard and non standard measures to investigate different natural resources.






We sang our Goldilocks song which is all about size.

At the end of the week, we turned our thoughts to Bonfire night.  We had a chat about the history of Bonfire night.  We then listened to some classical music and created bonfire and fireworks using movement.


We finished the session by listening to the music and creating our own collage of a firework night.


The children have talked about safety so if you are going to a Bonfire night they can tell you all about it!

Happy weekend.