Peppard Class – 11.11.2016

The children in Peppard class made us very proud on Wednesday when they sang “He’s got the whole world in his hands”.  They were beautifully behaved and extremely respectful at our Remembrance Service.

We took full advantage of the cold weather at the beginning of the week.  We found some ice in our water tray.  We decided to try an experiment.


We put some of the ice in a glass and left it outside, and we put some of the ice in a glass and left it inside.  We all predicted what would happen to the ice by lunch time, which was an hour later.  Most of the children thought it would melt, and they explained what melting was and how it happens.



They predicted that the ice in the classroom would melt more quickly and they were correct.



We have enjoyed looking at different stories this week.  We have begun looking more closely at the story “We are going on the Bear Hunt”.  Ask your child if they can remember the name of the author!


We have made some masks and we have been building obstacle courses and caves as we retell the story.


In phonics this week, we have been learning:

y, z, qu

tricky words: he, she

Spell tricky words: the, to

Please can you help the children with these sounds at home.

In maths this week, we have been ordering numbers and playing some number games.  The children have been practising writing numbers.  We are now counting to 100 at the beginning of our maths lessons.

We have observed some lovely learning during our Choosing time in class.  Edith and Laila developed their own fairy tale.  They both chose names for their Prince Charming.


Some of the children have chosen to make some masks to retell the bear hunt story.  They were trying different ways to make the masks fit and stay on their faces.


Some of the children decided to write a sign for the Bear Hunt obstacle course outside.



Have an enjoyable weekend!  If your child does anything new or helpful then please write it on a sticky note or wow slip to go on their wall.

As I mentioned to many of you at the Parent’s evening, you are very welcome to come and look in your child’s folder in the mornings before school.  I have not made a particular morning because I know everyone has different schedules.  If an afternoon is better for you, then we are usually in the classroom until at least 4 pm on Monday to Thursday.


Peppard Class – 4th November 2016

Welcome to our news.  We have had such a fun but busy week.   In phonics we have been learning some new sounds.  These have been:

j, v, w, x

We have also been singing the alphabet song and learning the letter names.

Please can you practise these tricky words at home:

the, to, no, go, into, I

It has been a pleasure listening to the children read.  They have all developed their skills this term.  We are very proud of them.

On Monday, we had a Divali day.  We learned about the Hindu festival and carried out some fun activities.  We made some sweets, Diva lamps, Rangoli patterns in chalk and tried some traditional dancing after watching a clip on Cbeebies.  We loved the music.


Making sweets


Rangoli patterns to welcome visitors


Diva lamps

On Tuesday, we had an exciting outing to Pizza Express where we had a tour then made our own pizzas.  Whilst our pizzas were cooking, we invented a new version of the Little Red Hen story.  We changed the characters and made pizza instead of bread.  Once again, we were so proud of the children and their beautiful behaviour on the trip.




We took advantage of the wonderful weather by making shadow pictures.  We started by drawing them on the ground and then we had a go at drawing them on the fence.


In Maths this week, we were learning about measuring and capacity.  We ordered the whole class by tallest to shortest.  I then asked the question,      “Is the oldest child the tallest?”  The children were not sure so we reordered the children in relation to their age.  They now know that the tallest is not the oldest!


We then took our measuring lesson down to the woods.  The children used standard and non standard measures to investigate different natural resources.






We sang our Goldilocks song which is all about size.

At the end of the week, we turned our thoughts to Bonfire night.  We had a chat about the history of Bonfire night.  We then listened to some classical music and created bonfire and fireworks using movement.


We finished the session by listening to the music and creating our own collage of a firework night.


The children have talked about safety so if you are going to a Bonfire night they can tell you all about it!

Happy weekend.


Peppard Class 21st October 2016

Welcome to Peppard class.  We have had such a busy but enjoyable week.

We continued our story of the Little Red Hen and retold the story to our parents on Thursday morning.

Alongside this story, we have been making lots of our own stories.  We have created our stories by writing down our narratives during our play.  Some of us created a story about a robber who stole some toys!  Another story was all about a family of cats.  This particular story led to lots of writing, drawing and cat masks!



Our final story was the longest and the entire class contributed.  It was inspired by our walk in the woods.  Phoebe and Sammy found some dragon eggs.  Our story was created.  We called it

The Dragons who came to school!

The children did all the illustrations for the book.

Our outing to the woods was inspired by our topic of Autumn and we also made some art out of the different natural resources that we found there.







In phonics this week, we have been learning our tricky words.

Into, no, go, to, the, I

The children know that some of these words have Grotty Graphemes and they can’t be sounded out.  Please can you practise them over the half term.


In maths, we have been ordering numbers and we have started adding numbers together.  We have used lots of practical experiences and games.  Mrs Wall and Miss Mullins made an adding machine!


Greys 14th October

In Maths this week the children have been adding and subtracting numbers. Year 1 have been adding and subtracting 1 and 2 to numbers up to 10, whilst some of them moved on to numbers up to 20.

Year 2s were using their number bonds to find the difference to the next multiple of 10. They also turned some of these sums into word problems and solved  problems involving subtraction and addition.

In Literacy we listened to the story of Maximus and the Beanstalk and looked at how the roles of the giant and Jack were reversed. We explored the different characters and enjoyed reenacting the story at the end of the week. We split into groups and decided who would play which character before performing to the rest of the class.


acing act acting-2 acting

In Science we have been exploring the different types of weather and thought about the seasonal changes that happen in Autumn and Winter.

We then began to create our own picture of a tree transforming through the seasons.


We have also been using our printing skills by painting the templates we made last week to create our own wallpaper designs.


In Phonics the Year 1s have been learning how to read and spell ‘magic e’ words and have enjoyed watching these to help them;


The Year 2s have been adding es, s, ies and ves to nouns to make them plural and learning how to spell the plural nouns correctly.

Show and Tell next week is

Monday – |Elfie

Tuesday – Dominic

Wednesday – Harrison

Thursday – Lola

Friday – Esme

Homework this week is to complete a daily weather diary which needs to be returned next Thursday.


Have a lovely weekend!



Peppard class – 14th October 2016

Welcome to Peppard class!

We have been learning number bonds in maths this week.  We have been exploring the bonds to 5 and some of us have been looking at 10.  The children thoroughly enjoyed a story about number 5 having a party.  Ask your children to tell you about it!


We used different resources to explore our number bonds including the computer and the ‘shakey shakey’ tin.

Some of the children decided to use the cubes to measure themselves and us! We compared our different heights and problem solved by lying the children on the floor so that the tower didn’t collapse!


In phonics we have been learning the sounds:

h, b, f/ff, and s/ss.

We have been writing the letters and listening to the sounds they make.  We used the playdough to make all the different letters that we have learnt so far.


We have enjoyed observing the changes in our environment this week.  The children have been on an autumn watch on the common.

On Wednesday next week, we will be going to the woods to see some more changes and make some art with natural resources.  Please can you make sure that the children have got NAMED welly boots at school.



We have continued to learn our story of The Little Red Hen.  We have been making story maps and we have innovated some of the characters.


At the end of the week, we learnt about the Journey of Bread.  We then made our own bread rolls.


On Thursday 20th October at 9 am, we will be doing a quick presentation of our Little Red Hen story and our Autumn song.  It will be about 10 minutes long if you would like to stay and watch the children.

Have a lovely weekend.

Highmoor Class – 7th October

This week, we’ve been getting to grips with our Pirate stories, based on the plan shared by the author Elen Caldicott during our visit to the Literary Festival.

Ask your child about the evil unicorn…

In maths, we’ve been investigating two dimensional shapes and working with the mathematical language required in their descriptions.

Homework help can be found here:

Dick and Dom

More sensible reading

Our science topic is based on our locality and we went down into Springwood on Tuesday, classifying trees by their leaves.


Displaying 2016-10-04-PHOTO-00014595.jpgDisplaying 2016-10-04-PHOTO-00014596.jpg

We also calculated the age of the trees in the wood in a very scientific way! The oldest tree that we found was an oak tree over 200 years old!

Displaying 2016-10-04-PHOTO-00014594.jpg

Peppard Class – 7th October 2016

Welcome to our week in Peppard class.  For those of you who came to the Harvest Festival, I am sure that you will agree that the children were confident and amazing.  Well done to all the class!  Some of the children used this occasion to make their own Order of Service.

We have been learning about Harvest this week.  Our new story in Literacy is The Little Red Hen.  The children have learnt the story with actions.  We have made a story map altogether and they will make their own next week.

In maths, we have been learning the days of the week.  Please can you talk about Saturday and Sunday and the weekend.  We will be doing our weekend news on Monday morning.

We have learnt some new phonics sounds this week.  Here are all the sounds that the children have learnt.

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u

The children are beginning to blend their sounds to make words.  It has been really exciting to see them start reading.  Thank you for your support at home. Please bring you child’s reading record and book into school every day.  The children have also enjoyed writing their new sounds and we use lots of different textures and tools to do this both inside and outdoors.

We had a music lesson this week, the children were naming different instruments and tapping out more complicated beats.  We then played some songs altogether.  We sounded amazing!

We have also followed the children’s interests this week.  We have been thinking about the weather.  On Monday, the children gathered up the rain water from the tuff spot to measure the rainfall over the weekend.

On Wednesday, everything outside was blowing around.  We decided to make our own kites and try flying them in the garden.  The garden was not very successful so we went out onto the common.  We talked about what made our kites successful, and the children found the lighter kites were flying higher.

On Thursday, the children had an amazing discussion about floating and sinking.  The were doing all sorts of experiments.

The children are helping to take responsibility for their environment.  They are washing up and tidying up in teams.  We have been very impressed with their care and attention in keeping our classroom tidy.

Please can you bring one family picture into school for the WOW wall.

You are very welcome to come into class any morning to see the children’s work or WOW wall.  Please do not leave your child unattended in the class, I will collect them from the playground at 8.55 each morning as usual.













Peppard Class – 30th September 2016

Welcome to Peppard class.

We have had a great week.  The children are settled into school life and they follow the rules and routines well.

On Tuesday, we went on our first outing to see the author Simon James.  We were very impressed with his talk.  He was really engaging for the children and he read 3 of his stories.  The children were beautifully behaved and we could not have been more proud of them.

In maths we have been focusing on numbers and counting.  We have used different resources for the children to practise counting such as the cars and ponies.  We have also been ordering our number cards and finding the card that the puppet has taken down from the number line.

We have learned lots of new phase 2 sounds this week.  They are:

s a t p i n g o c m n

The children are beginning to blend the words hence the reading books.  Please make sure they bring their book into school each day and please can you write in their record book so we know how they have got on.

We loved our role play this week.  I was the child and the children were the teachers.  They decided to make hymn books and run an assembly.  It was a fun afternoon and it involved lots of design, writing, negotiating, imagination and understanding of their world.  Here are a few pictures of the children with their hymn books singing the Harvest song.




We have our harvest festival next week, do come along!