Peppard class 10th March 2017

Welcome to our week in Peppard Class.

We are continuing to learn about Africa.  We looked at some pictures of different fruits that grow in Tanzania and neighbouring areas in Africa.  We then looked at some fresh fruit and found the places that they had been grown on the map.  We then made some fruit salad.  Some of the children tried new fruit for the first time and decided if they liked it.

Thank you to Annabelle and family for bringing in some African musical instruments.  The children have been very interested and have made some lovely sounds together.

In maths this week, we have been looking at number bonds to 10.  These are the pairs of numbers that make 10 when they are put together.  We made up some fun stories about 10’s party and the guests had to come with a partner.  We used fingers, counters and other resources to look the number bonds.  We also made our own ‘shakey shakey’ tin to demonstrate number bonds.

Some of the children began to record the number bonds.

In phonics this week, we have been continuing with phase 3 sounds and tricky words.  We are also writing words of more than one syllable.  Please can you continue to read at home as often as you can.

During choosing time, the children have been showing great characteristics of learning.  We have seen lots of problem solving.  In this picture the marble kept rolling off the end of the guttering.  With a little bit of careful thought, the design was modified so the marble continued to run down to the next level of guttering.

In this picture, the children were making their own prison.  The bottom window has a little gap so that the prisoners can breathe and talk!  We used the freely chosen experience to look at shape and size.  We also talked about 3 groups of 4 and started to talk about the times tables in a practical experience.

At the end of the week, the children were very creative altogether.  The created a stage and then took it in turns to perform in the show.  It was creative and entertaining.  It was all their own work.

Please can you continue to go through the phonics sounds for phase 2 and phase 3.  If you need a copy of these sounds, please do ask.

PE is on Monday afternoon with our sports coaches.  We are going to see the Blunderbus theatre show on Monday morning so please be in school early so we can leave at 8.45 promptly.

Have a wonderful weekend.