Greys 15th April

Welcome back to a busy Summer term!

We have had lots of fun in Maths this week exploring capacity and playing with water. The Year 1s have been estimating and measuring how many cups might fit into different sized containers and looked at whether containers were, half full/ empty, nearly full/ empty and full  or empty. We were lucky to have Tabby and Lilibeth helping us with our measuring on Wednesday.

lilibeth maths tabby

They also created bar graphs and made pictograms of the different containers.


Year 2s quickly progressed from understanding that 1000 millilitres is equivalent to 1 litre to identifying 1/4 and 1/2 of litres and using measuring jugs to measure how many millilitres of water they held. They too did an excellent job of creating bar charts and pictograms and extracting data from them.

maths 2 maths 3 maths

In Literacy we have continued with our “Does chocolate grow on trees?” topic and created our own chocolate bars with slogans to persuade people to buy them. We have also planned ‘How to make a chocolate sculpture’ which we will be writing about next week in more detail.

We started our new Science topic ” How can we grow our own salad?” and planted peas, spinach and cress. We also performed an experiment by planting the same seeds in the same size pots and putting them in different places with different conditions and are really looking forward to seeing what happens to them over the next few weeks.

We sang “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes” in French and are getting quicker and quicker each time we sing it.

In Art we have been looking at the work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo who created pictures from different plants so we decided that we would like to try and do the same.

art 2 art 3 art

On Monday Miss Nutt took us for Athletic and on Wednesday we had a dance and drama session acting out woodland life. From next week we will be having Athletics on a Monday afternoon and Gym on a Wednesday morning.

pe pe2

Homework this week is for the children to reflect on last term’s history topic where they learned about significant individuals from the past and tell me what they would like to be famous for and why. This can be presented in any format they wish and they will share their ideas with the class on Tuesday 19th April.

Can all children please ensure that they have a water bottle and PE kit in school every day.

Show and tell next week is

Monday – Benedict

Tuesday – Jasper

Wednesday – Bear

Thursday – Olivia

Friday – Max F.

Have a lovely weekend.

Greys 23rd March

The last week of term finally arrived and although it was a short week it was still rather busy!

We finished making our Easter cards. Having painted them last week, we removed the masking tape which had been stuck on in the form of a cross and were amazed at the final result. We wrote our Easter messages inside in our very best handwriting.


In Literacy we continued with our no fiction topic of Does chocolate grow on trees? and have been creating our own flow charts, complete with captions and instructions.

In Maths the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers without number squares and although it has been rather tricky they have enjoyed the challenge and were extremely pleased with themselves when they managed to solve the problems. The Year 1s have been adding and subtracting numbers to 20 using number lines and bead strings.

This week we learned all about Mary Seacole and watched a video of her life story and the work she did to help the soldiers on the battlefields in the Crimean War. We were so surprised at the conditions of the hospitals when we saw them and then had to sort the differences between hospitals then and now.

mary seacole tv

mary seacole

For homework we had to draw a picture of our favourite person that we have studied so far and talk about them.

Heather chose Neil Armstrong and was very creative with her drawing explaining the route he took from Earth to the Moon.

heather na

Sienna’s grandma was actually a Nightingale nurse so Sienna talked about Florence Nightingale and brought a lovely book to share with us along with an example of he Nightingale badge given to all Nightingale nurses.

sienna nightingale

Greys class have been practising very hard over the last few weeks with Mrs Clinkard for the Easter service and performed exceptionally well in Church on Wednesday morning.

After lunch on Wednesday we split into our teams and decorated our eggs ready for the Easter egg roll.

Here are a few pictures of Willow team decorating their masterpieces.

egg dec evie egg imogen egg isobel kia

The egg rolling was so much fun.

willow eggs

Mr Steele gave us a few tips before we began.

yr1 eggs

yr2 eggs

We were all exhausted after the egg roll and set off to enjoy our Easter holidays.

There will be no homework over the holidays, but do please try and read if you can.

Show and Tell when we get back will be our favourite books and will be

Monday – Freya

Tuesday – Sienna

Wednesday – Elodie

Thursday – Freddie

Friday – Toby

PE after half term will be on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

Our topic after Easter will be How can we grow our own salad? whereby we will be investigating plants which includes a planting workshop at Greys Court on Monday 25th April.

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and hope you all enjoy your Easter break.



Greys class – 18th March


Greys class have had another lovely week.

On Tuesday we went to the Blunderbus workshop at Valley Road school which was part of Henley Youth Festival. We went back in time to the first Olympics and did a variety of exercises and sports following Captain Olivia, even having a chariot race.



In Maths the Year 1s have been working on their number bonds and adding numbers starting to bridge through 10 whilst the Year 2s have been adding 3, 4 and 5 numbers together using number bonds and doubles.

We began our new Literacy topic which is ‘Does chocolate grow on trees?’ and have been learning about where chocolate comes from. We began to explore the layout of a non fiction book and used captions to describe pictures.

In RE we learnt about The Last Supper and Good Friday and have been busy practising for our performance at the Easter service.

In Big Write on Thursday we made Chocolate nests and then had to write a set of instructions using verbs and adverbs. In  the afternoon we made more chocolate nests to fill the Easter baskets. We had a very creative afternoon making our Easter cards and split pin Easter chicks.

heather cardsienna cut chickscards

Home work this weekend is to draw or paint a picture of Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus or Florence Nightingale showing why they are famous.

Show and tell continues to be the children talking about their favourite book and the children were very enthusiastic to hear about the adventures of Victoria Plum.

heather victoria plum

Show and tell next week is for the children to take about their favourite book.

Monday – Joseph

Tuesday – Dylan

Wednesday – Daisy


Have a lovely weekend.


Greys class – 11th March

Greys class have been working extremely hard this week doing different assessments.

We were all very eager to share our homework where we had researched famous explorers.

Ruby explained in great detail all about Ernest Shackleton.

ruby s and t

Jamie had researched Howard Carter and told us all about mummies and Carter’s experiences.

jamie show and tell

We brainstormed what we could remember about Neil Armstrong and then arranged major events from his life onto a timeline.

In Maths the Year 2s have been multiplying numbers and looking at arrays. They also looked at how they could divide sets into groups. The Year 1s have been adding and taking away numbers to 20 using cubes to help.

In RE we learned all about Palm Sunday and had lots of fun acting it out before retelling the story in our books from the donkey’s point of view.

On Friday we had a special treat and some ladies from Henley Youth Festival came along and did an Art workshop with us. We made some birds along the ‘Carnival’ theme and they all looked very colourful hanging up in our classroom. Some of them will be on display at the River and Rowing Museum in the Henley Youth Festival Exhibition.

birds 2birds 3

Show and Tell next week will be your favourite book and is

Monday – Ruby

Tuesday – Heather

Wednesday – Josie

Thursday – Jamie

Friday – Isobel

Please can you ensure that children have a water bottle and full PE kit in school every day.

Our Harry Potter crew from World Book Day appear in this week’s Henley Standard, so see if you can spot them.

Have a lovely weekend.




Greys – 4th March

This week in Greys class we have been learning about Neil Armstrong and how exciting it was for people when he landed on the moon. We compared the experiences of Columbus and Armstrong and sorted the different things they would have needed for their voyage and mission.

In Maths the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers whilst the Year 1s have been finding the difference between numbers up to 20 using cubes and centimetres.

In Literacy we have been writing more countdown poems and focussing on rhyme, adjectives and alliteration. We have also been adding -ing to verbs to describe what animals are doing.

On Tuesday we recited and acted out Mrs Sprockett’s Strange Machine by Michaela Morgan. We also had to draw what we thought the machine looked like, it was lots of fun. We then gave each group two stars which were things we liked about their performance and a wish, something we thought they could perhaps improve upon or do differently next time.

daisy and cosienna and coizzy and co dylan and co freya and co

We used wool to make some flowers for our Mummies for Mother’s Day. We carefully twirled the wool around a fork, just like we would spaghetti and it was much trickier than we thought.

flowers harrison flower


Thursday was World Book Day and we all dressed up as different characters. At the beginning of the day we thought we were in Hogwarts.



We tried to improve our still life paintings from last week by painting daffodils for our Mother’s Day cards. It was interesting to compare our two pieces of work and see how we had improved.


At 3 o’clock every afternoon this week a different teacher has gone into a different class to read the children a story. We listened to stories from Miss Glynn, Miss Ballantyne and Mrs Clinkard.

On Thursday afternoon we had a World Book Day quiz with Peppard class and Bear received the Starbook award for his enthusiasm for reading and for answering so many questions in the quiz.

Show and Tell continues to be about our favourite books and Max read his favourite poem to the class which was very funny and enjoyed by us all.

max c

Show and Tell next week is

Monday – Riley

Tuesday – Lola

Wednesday – Oliver

Thursday – Harrison

Friday – Astrid

Homework this weekend is to research a famous British explorer from the past. This can be presented in any format they wish. The children will share their work in class on Tuesday 8th March.

Please ensure that children have full PE kit in school each day and also a water bottle.


Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful mummies out there!




Greys 26th February

Welcome back to another action packed term!

Greys class began their week telling the time to the hour and half hour for the Year1s, whilst the Year2s performed experiments to see how many times they could do something in 15 seconds, 30 seconds and a minute. They had to take their shoes on and off, sit down and stand up and all sorts of other exciting things. It was lots of fun and we soon learnt the concept of how long these different times are.

We then moved onto weight whereby the Year 1s compared items which were heavier and lighter using a balance and then ordered 3 items according to their weight. On Friday we estimated how many cubes would balance different objects and then used the cubes to see how accurate their guesses were.

The Year 2s used cubes and then 100g weights to measure all sorts of items and then guessed which weights were lighter and heavier than 100g and 1kg.

weigh 2 yr2 weigh

In Literacy we have been looking at rhyming poems and wrote our very own countdown poems. Ruby received the Starbook award for hers because she was extremely creative in taking on the role of a beekeeper:

We start at…FIVE! I’m going to the hive.

We’re down to …FOUR! Wow there are more!

The count is…THREE! I see a bee.

Yes, but it’s…TWO! Boo and shoo!

We’re down to…ONE! Be gone!

It’s……………….ZERO I get stung. Owwwwww!

On Thursday as it was such a sunny day Mrs Hawkins took us outside for our Literacy lesson. The Year 2s had to create expanded noun phrases to describe leaves that they had found and then the rest of the class took on the role of the leaf police to identify which leaf matched each description.

noun phrases nouns

The Year 1s created rhymes using a verb and adding er, ed and ing without changing the root word.

Riley and Harrison used jump…

endings harrison riley

Max, Jasper and Toby had lots of fun using box.


Bear and Jamie used snowboard.

endings bear jamie

Can you guess what other verbs were used?


They then performed their rhymes to the rest of the class.

In Music we got to use lots of different instruments to create rhythm.

musicmusic 2

In RE we learnt all about St David’s Day and painted some daffodils for display.

riley daffs

daffs 2daffs

Our new topic is about famous people. This week we thought about what qualities these people have and learnt all about Christopher Columbus.

We acted out what it would have felt like to be aboard his ship and realised how uncomfortable and cramped it would have been.

cc boat

Freddie took on the role of Columbus with Dylan and Bear acting as his crewmen and they answered questions as to what life was like for them at sea and in the New World.

3 amigos

We wrote messages in a bottle to tell the Queen of Spain what the conditions were like. We also wrote all about Columbus and discovered many new facts ourselves.

The week finished off with a sunny afternoon playing football on the Common where we practised our passing and shooting skills.

heather football max footbsak ruby football

Show and Tell next week will be your favourite book.

Monday – Benedict

Tuesday – Nancy

Wednesday – Lily

Thursday – Max C.

Friday – Imogen

Have a lovely weekend!

Greys 12th February

It’s the final week of term and what a busy term we have had in Greys class!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Toys’ topic and finished it off this week talking about our favourite toys and explaining their history. We also played some traditional games and decided that it was rather fun playing games that didn’t need batteries.

We played dominoes.


Jack straws was rather tricky.

jack straws

Isobel brought her game of pick up sticks to share.

pick up sticks

Freya brought in Bagatelle.


Daisy showed us how to play tiddlywinks.


It’s been a great topic and we have learnt so much about toys in the past and present. Freya said that she never knew that teddies were named after an American president. We didn’t know that Crayola crayons started with only 8 colours! It has been fascinating comparing toys over the last few weeks.

In Maths this week the Year 1s have been doing lots of work comparing 2 digit numbers, saying which is higher and which is lower and then putting a selection of 2 digit numbers in order.

The Year 2s have been doing some tricky work with fractions and finding 1/4 and 1/2 of different amounts.


The Year 2s have also been looking at apostrophes and contractions and finished the week off by adding y to different words.

adding y

The Year 1s have been looking at alternative ways of reading and writing the ow sound and different ways of using the n sound.

We have been reading different versions of Little Red Riding Hood this week and wrote ‘Wanted’ posters to describe the Wolf. We made mini booklets describing the key points in each scene and acted the story out before embarking on our final Big Write of the term where we had to retell any version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Here we can see the Wolf arriving at Granny’s house.

wolf and granny

This is Little Red Riding Hood talking to ‘Granny’ until

wold and red 1

up jumps the Wolf!

wolf and red riding hood

Finally we have a very tired Wolf snoring away before the Woodcutter arrives to save the day!


We also ‘hot seated’ the Wolf, Granny and Little Red Riding Hood and asked them lots of different questions.

hot seat

Mrs Byron told us all about Chinese New Year in assembly on Monday so in the afternoon we created our own dragons by folding paper to make a body and then used a head and tail with lolly sticks and decorated them.

chinese dragons

In Art we carried on from our still life drawing and used different pencils to practise our shading techniques. Some parents saw them and couldn’t believe that it was our class that had done them.

still life draw

still life

In RE we learnt about Lent and made some important Lenten promises which will soon be on display. Some of us are going to give up chocolate, sweets or sugar, whilst others are giving up playing on the ipad. We also though about things that we could try to improve upon and do better at.

Show and Tell will be based on a favourite book and will be…

Monday – Benedict

Tuesday – Jasper

Wednesday – Bear

Thursday – Olivia

Friday – Max F.

There will be no spellings to learn over the holidays so have a super break and we look forward to another exciting term ahead.

Greys 5th February

We began the week in Maths by estimating and measuring the length of Rapunzel’s hair. The Year 1s used cubes to measure its length.

elodie cubes

Whilst the Year 2s measured in centimetres.

sienna maths

We also measured each other’s hair using string and then measured it against a ruler or cubes. Some of us measured to the nearest half centimetre. We also worked out the difference between our estimates and accurate measurements.


The Year 2s have been looking at multiplication and division by putting items into sets and the Year 1s have been sorting odd and even numbers.

elodie and heather odds and evens

We even used a venn diagram to help us sort all sorts of 2 digit numbers.


In Literacy we have been describing the Wicked Queen from Snow White and have also been changing words from singular to plural.

Mrs Clinkard brought in some old toys for us to sketch ‘still life’ style and we had to really concentrate for this task. Imogen produced a fantastic sketch with lots of detail.

imogen still life still life

On Thursday we sorted toys into a timeline of when they were made and it showed us how important it was to work well together as a group.

daisy timeline oli timeline olivia timeline timeline

We also played a game and had to answer questions about toys from the past which was lots of fun.

freya game game

We thought about what it would be like at Christmas to have toys without batteries and at first we used words like boring, annoying and sad,  but after seeing and learning about different toys from the Victorian times and early 20th century we soon changed our minds! We had lots of fun making thaumotropes and were fascinated to find out the reasons why teddy bears are called Teddy bears.

In French we have been practising our counting which we are rather fabulous at and learning how to say ‘There are/is’ before the number.

Show and Tell has been fun this week with Joseph bringing in a lovely music box.

joe show and tell

Daisy bringing in her Daddy’s teddy and a very detailed account of snakes and ladders from Dylan, which made us all want to go and play the game over the weekend!

daisy and ted

Show and Tell this week will be

Monday – Freya

Tuesday – Sienna

Wednesday — Elodie

Thursday – Freddie

Friday – Toby

Homework this weekend is to write about their favourite toy, including its origin/ history and  should include a picture, preferably labelled.

Have a lovely weekend!




Greys January 29th

It’s been another busy week in Greys class.

In Literacy we read Mary and the twelve months, a story about a little girl whose stepmother sends her off to find impossible things and twelve funny little men save the day( the twelve months). We drew pictures of the twelve months and all the things associated with them.


We also thought of questions that Mary could ask the months and used question marks and speech marks in our writing.

In Big Write we had to create our own traditional tale. We thought of different characters, settings and baddies to choose from and then used Once upon a time to begin our story and happily ever after to end it. We are looking forward to sharing each others stories next week.

In Maths the Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers to and from 2 digit numbers using bead lines, landmarked lines and number squares. The Year 1s have been working out which coins they would use to pay for certain amounts and totalling a number of coins.

In Phonics we  had a few challenges to see which group could create the most amount of words with the igh, ai sound and ow sound.

ow words

The Year 2s had their own challenge matching words to their contracted form.


In Topic we drew and wrote about our favourite toys. We also drew 2 toys from the past and thought of different sources of finding information about them.

We are creating a new display for our Reading area and used water and paint to create rainbows.


We made leaves for our beanstalk.


We drew and painted trees for our forest.


benedict painting tree

We mixed our own shades of green using blue and yellow paint and then mixed red and white to make pink for our castle.

ruby pink castle

We then used sponges to create a brick effect on black paper for our tower.

sponging tower

We can’t wait to see the finished display next week.

In RE we read The Parable of the Talents and thought about our own talents and how we can use them as God would like us to.

In French we sang our days of the week songs again and learnt the names of different colours.

Show and Tell has been fabulous this week with the children bringing in parents’ and grandparents’ toys. Astrid brought in George who was her Mummy’s teddy bear and also her Dad’s lego.

astrid 2

Ruby brought in a spinning top and told us all about the history of the spinning top which was rather fascinating and Josie brought in a very precious collection of old thimbles for us all to see.

Show and Tell next week will also be on Toys past and present.

Monday – Jamie

Tuesday – Isobel

Wednesday – Joseph

Thursday – Dylan

Friday – Daisy

Have a lovely weekend!


Greys 22nd January

What an action packed week Greys class have had!

We have begun our new topic of ” Why is the wii more fun that Grandma and Grandad’s old toys?’ in which we will be exploring toys past and present.

To kick start this exciting topic Wendy Taylor (Jamie’s granny) came in with lots and lots of her toys, books and puzzles to share with us. We had so much fun asking Wendy all sorts of questions; ‘What was her favourite toy as a child?’ ‘What were toys made from?’ and many more questions.


She also bought in quite a few of Jamie’s Daddy’s toys and we sorted some of the toys into different decades.

wendy 1

 It was interesting comparing the old books and the new books and we managed to find a lovely nursery rhyme book and sat reading The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

Wendy even brought a book in which was 250 years old, it was fantastic!

wendy 2

Some of us became very engrossed in doing the puzzles and enjoyed playing with Muffin the mule and we all loved the meccano.

We really enjoyed Wendy’s visit and had such a fun afternoon sharing her treasures and learning all about them.

The following day we arrived at school bright and early ready for our trip to Milestones. Despite the journey taking a little bit longer than we thought it might because of some very annoying traffic we arrived on time for another action packed and fun filled day exploring toys through the ages.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we walked through the doors and saw the cobbled streets with all the old shops and vehicles, we really were going back in time, it was very exciting!


street scene

We had a workshop with a lady called Maggie whereby we were split into five groups and did a carousel of activities. We sorted toys into old and new and then thought about their properties, lots of us particularly loved the silver rattle but decided it might not be a sensible toy for Jasper’s new baby brother.

old and new

We arranged toys in a timeline and even the adults found this rather tricky, Benedict decided that the spilikins were made of bone so they must be old as we don’t make toys from bone anymore, in fact he was correct as they were 100 years old!

timeline 1

We had to sort some toys into would we send them to the museum, car boot, rubbish dump or keep them. Mrs Clinkard definitely wanted to keep Humpty Dumpty as he reminded her of the one her daughter had when she was a little girl.


We answered riddles and had to guess which toy they matched and Mrs Hawkins thought we were talking about her when we said I am very precious, I am loved by little girls, but we were talking about a very old china doll!

We also had to think about properties of toys. We were very good at this as we remembered properties from when we had studied Materials and Light and Dark.


ruby answer question

bandstand chat

After lunch we got to go to the Penny Arcade and use old fashioned pennies to play the games, it was so much fun! We went on rides, we won sweets and nail varnishes! Some of us had our x rays taken and Sienna and Daisy even had their fortunes told by a very funny looking lady in a machine, but they knew it was just a bit of fun. We watched puppet shows using marionettes just like Muffin that Wendy had brought in.

sootypuppet arcadejoe aracde

Then we explored the Museum and visited the Sweetie shop with our old pennies and ration books.

daisy sweet shop

We sat on an old double decker bus and saw all sorts of modes of transport.

We loved looking in the Teddy Bear shop.

We explored how people used to live in the different decades.


To finish off our afternoon we dressed up using the old outfits.

nancy and heatherGI Isabeldressing up

We had a great day and lots of us have already asked our parents to take us back in the holidays. We would like to say a very big thank you to Mr Tanner for driving one of the minibuses and helping us out all day and also to Mrs Hall, Mrs Kriefman and Mrs Waite who were fantastic helpers on our visit.

In Literacy we have started to look at Traditional Tales and will be doing so until the end of term. We all had to decided on our favourite traditional tale and the Year 1s told us who the main characters were in their story, whilst the Year 2s wrote a blurb for theirs. We read Snow White and the seven dwarfs and acted the story out with Ruby as Snow White and Bear as Prince Charming.

prince charming and snow white

Heather played the role of the wicked Queen.

wicked queen

 We sequenced the story and then working in pairs thought of questions to ask the Magic Mirror whilst our partner wrote the answer and then changed around.

Homework this week will be to paint or draw a picture (no bigger than A4 size) of their favourite fairy tale character(s) and on a separate piece of paper to write a character(s) description using adjectives and similes as we have been doing in class over the last few weeks.

In RE we painted sheep for our Parable of the lost sheep display and talked about the meaning of the story.

In Maths the Year 1s have been working with number bonds to 8 and 9 and adding 3 single digit numbers using number bonds to 10. The Year 2s have been adding and subtracting 1 and 2 digit numbers to and from 2 digit numbers using number squares.


josie maths

In French we have been learning the days of the week and the Year 2s taught the Year 1s the Days of the week song that Mrs Brealey taught them last year, it was lots of fun.

Congratulations to Jasper and his family who have welcomed Jesse into the world and we are all looking forward to meeting him soon.

Show and tell next week will be

Monday – Harrison

Tuesday – Astrid

Wednesday – Ruby

Thursday – Heather

Friday – Josie

Have a lovely weekend!