Greys 16th December

The end of term has finally arrived and what a busy term it has been!

We have been out and about to lots of different places and learned so much about the town we live in. We’ve had lots of visitors into the classroom and finished the term with a spectacular performance of Straw and Order.


We have been busy making all sorts of decorations and cards this week.

We made traditional Christmas cakes with Mrs Barlow at the beginning of the week and decorated them the following day.


On Wednesday morning Mrs Steele came in and we had our annual Christmas sing along with her which was lots of fun.

On Thursday morning we split into teams and practised making our Christingles.



Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Clinkard and Mrs Barlow would like to thank all the children for making each day in Greys a fun filled place to work, to the parents for all their support at home and in the classroom and for all your lovely gifts, cards and thanks.

Show and Tell will be about Healthy Eating.

Wednesday – Immy

Thursday – Nancy

Friday – Jonathan

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope you all have a wonderful time with your families and friends.

Greys 9th December

Greys class have been practising for their play this week and are getting very excited about their performances next week. Can everybody please go over their lines this weekend in preparation for the big day on Tuesday? Performances will be at 2:30 and 6pm.

In Maths the Year 2s have been adding 2 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers using number squares and beaded lines and then creating their own number lines to solve the sums.

The Year 1s have been revisiting numbers to 100 and working out 1 more and 1 less than a given number. They have also been working on number bonds to 10 and 20.

In Literacy we wrote some rather silly poems and finished our Poetry topic on Thursday, when in Big Write we wrote poems  entitled 10 wishes for Christmas.

We also wrote Christmas wishes for ourselves, our families and for the World which are now on display in the classroom.

It was the Year 1’s turn this week to use the paint programme in Computing to design their Christmas cards. It was lovely to see the Year 2s giving them a helping hand and I’m sure all their families will be delighted when they see the finished articles.

ict-2 ict-3 ict

On Friday we went on our Winter welly walk whilst Christmas lunch was being prepared. We had lots of fun singing Christmas songs as we walked and running around in the fields on such a sunny day.

Can everybody please bring in a named carrier bag ready to take their end of term crafts home in.

Show and Tell next week is about Christmas

Monday – Riley

Tuesday – Harriet

Wednesday – Imogen

Thursday – Max

Friday – Noah

Have a lovely weekend!



Greys 2nd December

Greys class have begun their preparations for Christmas this week by learning all about the meaning of Advent and making Advent wreaths. They then presented all the information they had gathered in Church on Wednesday morning as part of our Advent service.

advent-2 advent

In Maths the Year 1s have been using beaded linesto add 2,3,4,5 and 6 to 2 digit numbers. The Year 2s have been using number squares, beaded lines and number lines to add and subtract 11, 12, 13, 21, 22 and 23 to and from 2 digit numbers.

In Literacy we have been looking at Silly poems and practised learning to recite and act out In the Land of the Flibbertigibbets by John Foster. It was so much fun and quite a few of us have taken the poem home to learn over the weekend.


On Friday we then wrote our own silly poems using alliteration, rhyme and repetition.

We worked in groups pretending to be members of Henley Tourist Information office and presented our own information talks on Henley to the rest of the class. It was surprising to see how much we have learned about Henley over the last few weeks.

In French we have been learning about La Famille and know the French words for Mummy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, brother and sister.

The preparations for the Christmas play continue and thank you to those who have been practising with your children, it has made a huge difference and I would be grateful if you could continue to do so over the next week.

Homework this weekend is to design and create a musical instrument. The children will then be writing about their creations and reflecting on what went well and what they would change to improve their model.

Show and Tell for next week is


Monday – Dominic

Tuesday – Harrison

Wednesday – Lola

Thursday – Esme

Friday – Freya

Have a lovely weekend!



Greys 25th November

Greys class began the week with yet another visit into Henley. Mr Tanner dropped the Year 2s off first at the Town Hall and we went for a walk along Bell Street, looking to see if we could see Boroma Way that takes us to the cinema. We talked about what a pharmacy and a chemist is and looked at all the old buildings and businesses along the way.

We saw lots of Paddingtons in the Teddy Bear shop


and enjoyed looking at all the other teddies in the windows.


We arrived at the riverside just before the Year 1s and had a look to see how high the floods had been in the past.


We were very excited about getting onto the boat.


We decided that maybe Paddington should help drive and get a better view of what he might find exciting on our trip along the river.


We saw lots of wildlife along the way and  lots of exciting landmarks like Temple Island.


It was so much fun!



We were shown where Hobbs boatyard began


and at the very end of our trip Elodie’s Gramps, Tony Hobbs came to tell us all about his role as the Queen’s waterman. We asked him so many questions and loved listening to his stories.

Whilst the Year 2s were driven back to school Mrs Hawkins took us on a mystery tour of Henley, where we saw the train station, the Henley Standard, the Post Office and the Police station.

A very big thank you must go to Melanie Hobbs, Elodie’s mummy who organised such a fabulous trip for us.

We were so inspired by our trips to Henley that we decided to create a picture. We began by painting the background


and then drew some of the famous landmarks.


Next week we will be colouring them and adding them to our backgrounds.

In Maths the Year 1s have been working on number bonds to 5,6,7 and 10, some even progressed to 20. We have been adding and subtracting using these bonds.

The Year 2s have been adding multiples of 10,20,30 and 40 to 2 digit numbers and also adding and subtracting 11,12,21,22,31 and 32 to and from 2 digit numbers.

In Literacy we wrote silly poems about animals using adjectives, nouns and verbs.

On Wednesday afternoon we had a visit from David from the Bat Conservation Trust who brought in 3 very lovely bats for us to meet. Some of us were rather nervous at first, but by the end of his visit we all loved these fabulous little creatures.

bat-talk bats

He did recommend the following websites should you wish to find out any further information;

It is just over 2 weeks until the Christmas play and we are now practising daily. Quite a few of us already know our lines so this weekend I would like everyone who has lines to practise them please.

We also have the Advent service on Wednesday and some of the children have lines to practise for that this weekend please.

Show and Tell next week is

Monday – Josie

Tuesday – Heather

Wednesday – Ruby

Thursday – Astrid

Friday – Elfie

Have a lovely weekend!

Greys 18th November

We have had yet another exciting week in Greys class. This week we visited St Mary’s Church and the Chantry House. Father Martin told us lots of facts about the church and we were surprised to learn that it was built in 1204.


After learning all about the church we went into the Chantry House and were told that it used to be used as a warehouse to store goods, ready to be taken to London on the river and later as a school.


We also went on a short walking tour of Henley and passed places like the Red Lion, Bagatelle, the Kenton Theatre and spotted the Leander Club.


We couldn’t understand why New Street was called New Street, as it had some very old  buildings in but a lady told us that it was one of the first streets in Henley to be built. A passer by also stopped us to ask what school we were from as she was very impressed by how well behaved we were.

On Monday we will be going on a boat trip to look at Henley with a view from the river.

In Literacy we wrote poems about Winter for a competition that we are entering. We used adjectives, nouns, verbs and alliteration to describe each sense in Winter.

On Thursday we read Paddington at the Tower and made marmalade sandwiches just like Mrs Brown and Paddington did. We then wrote our own set of instructions to show how we made them, once again using nouns, verbs, adjectives and suffixes.

In Maths the Year 1s have been adding and subtracting 1 and 2 to and from 2 digit numbers, whilst the Year 2s added and subtracted single numbers to  and from 2 digit numbers using number lines and beaded strings. They also made a tally chart of everyone’s favourite fireworks


and then put all their information together onto a bar chart.


Elodie brought in a replica of one of her Grandad’s boats for her Show and Tell, along with a photograph of him dressed as the Queen’s Waterman.


Jasper’s Show and Tell was all about the Leander club.


Homework this weekend is for the children to draw a map of their journey to school, plotting some landmarks or street names along the way. This can be as simple as they wish and can be drawn with help, with the children just labelling or plotting the landmarks.

Show and Tell next week is

Monday – Francesca

Tuesday – Amber

Wednesday – Maisey

Thursday – Jasmine

Friday – Jamie

Have a lovely weekend!


Greys 11th November

Greys class had a busy start to the week with a visit into Henley. It was a cold but beautiful sunny morning and some of us began our visit with a walking tour of Henley. We looked at the different businesses, shops and buildings in our town.


We then went to the Town Hall to meet the Mayor. He gave us a tour dressed in his regalia and had a very knowledgeable assistant called Mrs Greenwood, who told us lots of fascinating facts about the Town Hall and Henley. They couldn’t believe how many questions we asked!


Mrs Greenwood then took some of us on a walk around Henley to a few places of interest filled with more fascinating facts and tales.


We wrote all about our visit in a recount in Big Write using lots of adjectives and conjunctions to make our writing more interesting.

We can’t wait for next week’s trip to St Mary’s Church and the Chantry House to find out more about Henley.

We finished learning about Guy Fawkes and had to pretend that we were Catholics and used adjectives to describe how we would have felt.

In Maths we have been learning all about 2d shapes and their properties. We have used Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams to sort them. We also used geo boards to see how many different types of irregular and regular 2d shapes we could make.


We painted our diwa lamps and trees and are looking forward to varnishing them next week.

art jemima-art

On Monday afternoon Springwood class came in to teach us how to log on and off the netbooks.

ict-2 ict-3 ict

We told everybody about the role of the Salvation Army in our Remembrance Day service at Church on Wednesday and we all spoke and performed beautifully.

We have been busy practising for our Christmas play and were very excited when we got our letters about our costume requirements.

Show and Tell next week is all about Henley;

Monday – Ava

Tuesday – Jasper

Wednesday – Jemima

Thursday – Toby

Friday – Elodie

Have a lovely weekend.

Greys 4th November 2016

Welcome back to our final term of 2016!

On Monday we listened to the story of Rama and Sita and discovered some fascinating facts about Diwali. We enjoyed our treasure hunt to see how many facts we had remembered about the story.



In the afternoon we made salt dough and used it to make diwa lamps. They are busy drying, ready to be painted next week.

art-2 art

We carefully coloured Rangoli patterns.

noah-art rangoli

We have been extremely busy in Maths this week. The year 1s have been putting the days of the week and the months of the year in order, doubling numbers up to 10 and sorting numbers into odds and evens. The Year 2s have also been doubling numbers and halving them, but 2 digit numbers. Towards the end of the week they were adding and subtracting 10, 11, 20 and 21 to and from 2 digit numbers.


In Literacy we have been using and, so, but and or to join two sentences together in our writing. We created our own super heroes and described them using different adjectives. We read Paddington Bear by Michael Bond and then drew and labelled a picture of Paddington using adjectives to describe him. We finished the week by designing our very own fireworks and used onomatopoeic words to describe the noises they made and then had to think of a name for our firework.

We began our topic of ‘What would Paddington Bear find exciting about Henley on Thames?’ and thought about all the things that Paddington might like to see in Henley. We then started to look at a map of Henley and tried to identify where some of the landmarks might be.

Our first trip into Henley is on Monday 7th November when we will be visiting the Town Hall to meet the mayor and learn about his role and the role of the Town Hall in our town.

We have begun to start practising for our Christmas play which will be on Tuesday 13th December. Letters will be coming home in the next week or so to advise you of your child’s part and costume requirements.

Show and Tell next week will be;

Monday – Max

Tuesday – Nancy

Wednesday – Jonathan

Thursday – Clara

Friday – Bear

Have a great weekend!