Springwood’s Week – 15th January

This week, Springwood have been looking at writing formal announcements in Literacy, including complex sentences and those written with a passive voice. We’ve written an announcement about a “broken rocket” in Peppard class, and about the discovery of a new, mysterious animal.

In Maths, we’ve been looking at using the frog method to add and subtract decimals, including amounts of money. Some of us have been using the order of operations and solving word problems.



We continued with our hockey lessons and took another trip to the newly refurbished pool at Queen Anne’s.

Unfortunately, our ukulele teacher is currently unwell, so we didn’t have a lesson this week.

In our topic lesson, we began to learn about Hitler and created a timeline of important events in his life. We will continue to learn about this next week.

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Feathers and Fur. We saw a peregrine falcon, a barn owl, and a tawny owl.

IMG_5061 IMG_5054 IMG_5060 IMG_5058

Springwood – 11th December

On Monday, Springwood furthered their learning around our ‘Rainforests’ topic by visiting The Living Rainforest. The children were shown around a variety of plants and animals by knowledgeable guides who fed back that they were very impressed by the level of knowledge that the children demonstrated. As always, the children were a credit to the school and their families.
In Maths the children have been practising grid multiplication, and the year 5’s have also been using rounding to estimate addition calculations.
We have all been rapping in Literacy this week and we have compared raps with other poems and discussed the features of both. The children have now started to plan their own Christmas rap and will be practising these next week, ready for the class performances on Tuesday afternoon. The children are very welcome to bring in some festive attire for their performance on Tuesday if they would like to.
We are looking forward to the Christmas party on Thursday afternoon and the Christingle service in the evening.
We hope that you have a very merry weekend.

Springwood – 4th December

Springwood have been working extremely hard over the last two weeks and are behaving impeccably for the teachers who are standing in for Miss Ballantyne while she gets better.
In Maths, the children have been converting and comparing measures, calculating and converting time, and investigating 3D nets which can then be made into calendars.
In Literacy they have been learning how to write a non-chronological report and have produced some fantastic leaflets based around the task of going back in time and informing the people of Pompeii about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption.
Topic work continues to focus on the rainforests and the class have enjoyed planning a trip to the Amazon. Unfortunately, Newbury will just have to do and as a little reminder, we are heading there on Monday 7th.
On Tuesday, the Year 6’s and some Year 5’s represented the school at a tag rugby tournament held at Gilllotts. As always, the children both performed and behaved superbly and both teams should feel very proud of their achievement.
We have been carrying out some assessments this week and therefore normal lessons and homework have been temporarily put on hold. Things will return to normal (relatively speaking due to the festive season) next week.
If you would like to speak to Mrs Deacon or any of the other adults in the class, please do let us know.


Springwood’s Week

This week has been jam packed!

Our Maths work has been centred around rounding numbers and approximating our answers. We’ve been using charts and extracting information. Having estimated the answer to a sum, we then worked out the real answer and compared them. The estimates helped us to check our answers.

In Literacy, we have begun to look at poetry. This week we looked at poems by Charles Causley. We learned about him as an author and read a number of poems, all of which required us to use our imagination to understand them!

IMG_4620 IMG_4650

Our Topic work this term will be focussed around rainforests. We located a number of rainforests on a map and began to think about some of the features of rainforests, including the different layers.

A team of Year 5 and 6 went to a ‘High 5’ Netball tournament on Tuesday afternoon. As always, they did the school proud, even though they didn’t win.

IMG_4645 IMG_4649 IMG_4636On Wednesday we had ‘Lions Day’. We all got to dress up as lions! Nick and Dave Middleton came in to explain what it was all about. Dave and his team will be rowing 3000 across the atlantic to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis (http://atlanticlions.com/the-challenge/). They aim to raise £100,000, and have so far raised nearly £80,000.

We are all looking forward to the Remembrance church service next Wednesday. We hope to see many of you there.

Springwood’s Week, 16th October

After a long and stinky week, we’ve finally thrown out the food. Here’s how it looked on Friday morning…

The ‘orange’ (or should I say green??)


The white bread only had a smattering of mould.IMG_4454

The cracker was fine.


This was once a breakfast muffin.


The babybel wasn’t so appetising.


The brown bread was rock hard, but not mouldy.


The banana skin had mould growing on it.IMG_4459

The lemon had more than one kind of mould growing on it…


The banana was vile.


The fleshy part of the courgette was beginning to expand.IMG_4463

The whipping cream was lumpy.IMG_4464

The milk had separated into a translucent liquid and white lumps.


The fish cake was almost beyond recognition. There was green mould, red mould and white mould, as well as a furry growth from the inside.


The strawberry was black, and the mould had begun to spread to the carrot. The potato had gone green and hard, with discoloured flesh.IMG_4467

The fruit flies that buzzed around the pineapple were the most annoying thing, but the flesh had gone red with green and white mould.IMG_4468


Back to Springwood’s week…

In Maths, we’ve been continuing our work with divisibility (multiples and factors) and with angles. We’ve used Venn and Carroll diagrams to organise our work, and have investigated the totals of internal angles in a variety of shapes.

Following on from our homework, our Literacy work started off with poetry writing. We thought about the different devices that make our writing better, such as metaphors, personification and alliteration, and practised using these. We then wrote a poem about a specific emotion which will be entered into a competition. Later in the week, we explored the story we’ve been reading from the point of view of another character, and began to write the story from the other animal’s point of view.

Reverend Cooper came in on Tuesday to continue our faith through drama work.

IMG_4447 IMG_4446 IMG_4445

We practised our netball on the common. This week, we continued to look at effective utilisation of the space available.


On Thursday, we had a topic-themed day. Having been introduced to the topic in some reading earlier on in the week, we learned more about the Anglo Saxons. We looked at where the Anglo Saxon period was on a timeline of British History, the tribes that made up the Anglo Saxons, and the ways in which different kingdoms were formed. Later, we investigated some of the Anglo Saxon words that we still use today, and designed our own Anglo Saxon houses.

IMG_4451 IMG_4449 IMG_4448

Following the success of our science experiment, Peppard class came to visit us. We explained what we’d been doing and what we’d learned from our experiment.

webpage 2 webpage

Next week, we will be visiting the Ashmolean on Friday to continue our work on the Anglo Saxons. We will be back at school a bit later than usual – between 3 and 3.30 pm.

Springwood’s week, 9th October

We’ve had another busy week. We continued to enjoy our faith through Drama with Reverend Cooper. We thought more about our value for this term, ‘Respect’, and tried to spell out the letters in groups.IMG_4406 IMG_4407 IMG_4408

Our science experiment is still going.. You can see the most recent photos on the dedicated post. We are recording our observations of our chosen items each day. It’s really interesting to see which items are decaying and the different ways in which each food item decays. IMG_4409

On Wednesday we competed in the annual Eurovision song contest at Chiltern Edge School, singing Ou Se Trouve Mon Parapluie. We performed really well, and came third overall.

Our maths work has been centred around shape and measurement. We started off the week by investigating the properties of 2D shapes. Later on, we learnt about the special relationship between the circumference of a circle and its radius, and went about measuring different circles to find our own values for pi. The average value for our class was 3.16.IMG_4422 IMG_4423 IMG_4424 IMG_4425

More science….IMG_4427

We finished off the week by painting self portraits. We were very interested to discover that there was a bit of mould on one of the paint pots.IMG_4434 IMG_4435

Springwood’s Week, 2nd October


Springwood have been very busy this week!

We’ve enjoyed our netball lessons with Miss Nutt. We are working on our passing skills and on making good use of the available space.IMG_4290

In Maths, we’ve been working on subtraction. We’ve been trying to improve our mental methods as well as our ability to work with amounts of money.


In Literacy, we’ve been looking at rewriting scenes from The Eye of the Wolf from a different viewpoint. We presented our ideas to each other.


We had a very exciting day on Thursday. Our Ukulele teacher is really impressed with how well we are all doing.

Some of us started cooking with Mrs Barlow. We will be making Christmas cakes.

On Friday, we began an investigation into how different foods decompose. We all brought in different items and have left them in the classroom to watch them change. We will post updates as things change!

IMG_4331 IMG_4390

Next week, our Ukulele lesson will be on Tuesday. We will also be going to Chiltern Edge to perform a song for Eurovision on Wednesday. Please can children bring food to take with them.

Springwood’s Week, 25th September

Springwood have had a very busy week! Our Maths lessons this week have been focussed on place value and adding decimals. We have been using rounding to check our answers.IMG_4251

Our Literacy work has been centred around a book called ‘The Eye of the Wolf’. We have thought a lot about different points of view this week, and have written diary entries from the perspective of different characters.

On Tuesday, we looked at The Parable of the Sower with Reverend Susan. We really enjoyed acting it out.



On Thursday, we had our second Ukulele lesson. We now know the C, F and G chords and have used them to play Old MacDonald.

Towards the end of lunchtime, a quadcopter with a camera attached to it visited us on the school field. We got into position and it flew overhead, taking a photograph. It was very exciting! The year 6s also had a summer-themed photograph taken, and both of the photographs will be featured in the school calendar.

IMG_4258 IMG_4259 IMG_4260 IMG_4261

We finally got to perform the poem we composed as a class, entitled ‘It’s Harvest Time’ on Friday. We did everybody proud during the Harvest Festival service, at the end of which we held a coffee and cake morning for Macmillan cancer support.


Following our return to school, the choir headed off to Abbeycrest care home in Sonning Common to deliver the food we had donated.


We ended the day by sketching characters from the book we are reading. We focussed on using lines to build up the portrait, and thought carefully about the position of the eyes, nose and ears on the head.IMG_4264 IMG_4265