Springwood’s Week – 11th March

In Springwood’s words:

Michael, “This week it was assessment week, where we did lots of different tests.”

OJ, “In IT, we were taking pictures from a website and editing the website to change the picture that was displayed.”



Finley, “We learned that the Mayans wrote in heiroglyphics and they merged different letters together into one hieroglyphic to make a logogram.”


Here we are doing a treasure hunt around the classroom for information about Mayan writing:





Ellie Mae, “On Tuesday we wrote a commentary on a Pok Ta Pok game.”

The class learned about a Mayan ball game, Pok Ta Pok, the result of which was usually fateful. Winners were feasted, while losers were were sometimes killed as a form of religious sacrifice. The game was held in high esteem, with chieftains and religious leaders in attendance.

Oliver R, “On Thursday, we wrote an article on a Pok Ta Pok game (a Mayan ball game). We were asked to include powerful verbs. It was very fun and people created their own versions of the game. We read them out to the class afterwards.”

Charlie, “In the Y5 swimming group, we did front crawl.”

Ava, “In the Y6 swimming, some of us learned to dive whilst the other group learned to do some life saving.”

Joe, “In our ukulele lesson, we went through the song ‘King of the Swingers’.”

During the course of  our R.E unit about Islam we have been colouring these beautiful islamic patterns.

IMG_1581 IMG_1580 IMG_1579

Next week is Henley Youth Festival. Children will need their PE kits in school on Monday to take part in a dance workshop. Swimming and Ukulele will take place as usual.

Springwood’s Week – 4th March




It’s the end of another busy week. In our maths lessons, we’ve been learning about shape. We’ve investigated the area and perimeter of compound shapes, and some of us have even looked at the area of triangles and parallelograms. Towards the end of the week, we began to learn how to calculate the volume of cuboids.


IMG_5211 IMG_5212 IMG_5213

In our topic lesson, we learned about the number system the Mayans used, which was base 20 as opposed to base 10, and used lines, dots and shells to represent each number. It was a challenge for us to work out what different sequences of symbols meant.

Springwood have continued their work on ‘blood’ in literacy. After considering whether or not people should be paid to give blood, we held a formal debate.


We were very good at considering what the other person had said, and then countering it. With knowledge of a range of facts about blood donation in the UK, we looked at the features of good advertisements, then planned and wrote our own advert to encourage blood donation.

On World Book Day, we all dressed up as characters from our favourite books. We looked amazing! Here we are in costume, painting daffodils for our Mothers’ Day cards.IMG_5220

During our IT lesson, we learned about HTML code. We were able to ‘hack’ websites that we visited to change their appearance using Mozilla’s X-ray Goggles. You can see some of our work below…

IMG_5222 IMG_5221

IMG_5223 IMG_5224

We were able to listen to a range of books this week, when our class was visited by different teachers. We enjoyed listening to different teachers’ recommended reads.

Have a lovely weekend!

Springwood’s Week – 26th February

Springwood have had an exciting first week back from half term. We have continued with our work in Maths surrounding fractions. On Monday, we multiplied fractions. Some of us multiplied fractions by whole numbers, whilst others of us multiplied pairs of fractions together. Throughout the week, we moved on to dividing fractions, short and long division, and word problems which involved the aforementioned. We are improving at selecting the appropriate operation to solve the problem.

We started a new unit of work in Literacy. It is a non fiction unit which looks at many different aspects of blood, including its role in the circulatory system and animals that survive by sucking blood! We have explored the features of report texts and of recounts, and ended the week by writing a ‘recount’ of an explorer that was bitten by either a bat or a mosquito.



Our grammar work this week has revisited the use of relative clauses to create complex sentences. Relative clauses are clauses which begin with words such as who, whose and which. They are used to add additional information after a noun. We produced some really interesting sentences, such as ‘The terrifying minotaur, whose breath stunk of rotten shrimp, charged at Theseus’.

In our topic lesson on Monday, we began to learn about the Mayans. We found out facts about the Mayan civilisation, including who the Mayans were and where they lived. We will continue to explore this next week.


During our computing lesson, we investigated how the world wide web is is one of the services offered on the internet, and the web pages that it consists of. We came up with our own ideas for projects, and considered the different ways in which we could use the internet to complete them.

We finished off our Friday with a grammar quiz. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Springwood’s Week – 12th February

This week in maths, Springwood have been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. We began the week with revision of comparing fractions, moving on to look at decimal and percentage equivalents. Here we are playing decimal/fraction/percentage dominoes.IMG_5128 IMG_5126 IMG_5127

Once we were happy with this, we moved on to finding fractions or percentages of amounts, including using the most efficient method of doing so. Finally, we used the skills we had developed to solve word problems.

Having been reading it for some time now, we finished Kensuke’s Kingdom. We then thought in greater detail about why Kensuke was anxious about returning to the modern world, and how he came to be on the island in the first place.

Although the weather was poor on Monday, we considered different tactics and strategies that we could use in our hockey games, which will continue on into next term.

We have spent a significant amount of time planning and writing stories in Literacy. Having finally finished them, we have written them up and illustrated them (some of us are still going!) and we have even designed front covers and blurbs. The stories will be available to read in Springwood’s classroom.



I hope that everybody has a lovely half term. We will continue with hockey and swimming when we come back.

Springwood’s Week – 5th February

As the end of our unit on fiction draws near, Springwood class have spent a lot of time writing their own stories. We spent Monday and Tuesday planning them, while the remainder of the week has been spent writing them. As we have edited and redrafted the initial parts of our stories, we haven’t finished them yet. We have written stories in a range of genres, from mystery to traditional tales. On Friday, we even created some illustrations which will feature in the finished work.

In our topic work this week, we learned about Winston Churchill. We also looked at some of the art for that was created around the time of WW2. Each of us was given a section of a picture created around that time, which we had to sketch.


Springwood class always enjoy getting the iPads out, and in our computing lesson we used them to trace the path data takes when we request different websites. We then plotted these onto a world map.IMG_5111 IMG_5112

During maths, we have looked at different methods for multiplying numbers. These have included using knowledge of what 10x a number is to work out 5x and 20x, scaling problems, and long multiplication. Some of us were challenged to work out how to express a word problem mathematically.

On Thursday and Friday, the whole school was involved in a car wash to raise money for the Atlantic Lions, who are crossing the atlantic in aid of MS. We had a lot of fun (and got a bit wet!).

For their homework, Springwood have been asked to write a short story of no more than 500 words. This story is for BBC2’s 500 Words competition. The children have been asked to word process this where possible, then save it to their computer and bring in a printed copy on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Springwood’s Week – 29th January

Springwood have had another exciting week.

In Maths, we have been looking at shape. We started the week by translating a range of shapes across 2 or 4 quadrants, then moved on to reflecting shapes. Later in the week, we created line graphs of times tables, then used them to work out facts such as 2.5 x 5. Some of us constructed pie charts, firstly using fractions, and then using the nutritional information from cereal and hummus packets to do so.

We continued to look at different genres of fiction in our Literacy work. We began to think about the different features that make up each genre, and planned an advert for our favourite genre. Towards the end of the week, we continued to write a story from an opener in our chosen genre.

Our grammar work has been centred around determiners, and in particular we learned about the three articles in the English language: a, an and the.

In our History work, we learned about Anne Frank. After learning about the Munich Agreement, we were able to conduct our own research using iPads.

We were very lucky to continue our paintings, representing the Blitz. This week, we added a black skyline of London, as well as aeroplanes. They look amazing!

We enjoyed our first Ukulele lesson of the term, in which we began to learn The King of the Swingers. Please can children ensure that they now have their Ukulele in school every Thursday.

As not all children understand the meanings of the words that they are learning for their spellings, from now on they will be asked to put their spelling words into a sentence or paragraph. Children will be given books in which to write these next week.

I hope that all who attend the Young Voices event in London have a lovely time!



Springwood’s Week, 22nd January

Springwood started the week by looking at place value addition and subtraction of decimals in maths, in addition to multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000. Some of us extended our practise to problems involving converting weights and measures.  
In Literacy, we compared the features of different genres of story.

Our topic work was focussed around Nazi propaganda and the life of Anne Frank. We looked at the different ways in which the Nazis manipulated people into discriminating against Jews.

We had a quiet day on Tuesday as the Y5s went to Chiltern Edge school to take part in a drama, singing and dancing workshop centred around Footloose. Here they are showing us what they did!  While they were gone, Y6 had small group swimming sessions. After lunch, we looked over our writing from the previous Friday against assessment criteria, then learned a bit about how computer networks work.

Our Maths on Wednesday was all centred around rounding decimals and placing them on a number line. We decided that we needed more practise, so continued with this on Thursday. 

We also investigated cohesion in texts. We looked at two stories and investigated the author’s use of pronouns, connectives and conjunctions, punctuation, and repetition of sentence structures and phrases. 


 In keeping with our work on Hitler and WW2, we created yellow, orange and black painted sky backgrounds. Next week, we will finish the work by adding silhouettes of London buildings. 

As part of their homework this week, the children have been asked to research some of the buildings that may have dominated London’s skyline during the Blitz. This is so that when they complete their piece of art work, they can be factually accurate! 

On Friday, following star book assembly, we went to Chiltern Edge for the annual sports hall athletics. We really enjoyed ourselves.