Year 5’s week, 16th September

As you know, this week year 5 have been at Kilve Court.

On Monday, we set off from Reading station for Taunton. We were all very excited. After an uneventful train journey, we arrived at Taunton station and were met by the Kilve minibus. It was a 30 minute drive to Kilve Court, a beautiful manor house set in extensive grounds.

After unpacking, we set off for a walk over the Quantocks, following which we built shelters.

We talked about all of the things that a shelter needs to make it useful.


Then we set about gathering sticks to make our own.



We rated each other’s shelters based on what was included and how weather proof they were. Some even included beds and seating!

That evening, we went for another walk over the Quantocks. We took torches as the sun set, and used them to identify animals that were nearby from the colour of their eyes. We walked for 2 hours, up hills and through woodland. The guide was really impressed by us!

The next day, we went to the beach. It was a jurassic pebble beach, dotted with fossils. image


We were able to find a number of devil’s toenails and ammonites before it started pouring down with rain….

After the rain, we went to a nearby cafe for some local ice cream. It was delicious!

Once we’d dried off, we donned blindfolds and helmets for the fantasy trail. The front leader had to warn the rest of the group of what they would encounter.


Later that day, we went on the stream walk. There was a competition to see who could get the muddiest! We had to navigate through and under a range of obstacles on our walk…




At the end, we ‘bathed’ in a muddy pool.


We spent our evening orienteering around the grounds. It was a beautiful evening, though it became quite difficult when the sun set.


In between activities, we were able to play on the front lawn.


The following morning, our first activity was grass sledging. It was tricky as you had to lean the opposite way to the way you wanted to turn.


After a short break, we did some archery. We played a game to see where we would go on holiday, via what transport, and with whom, based on where the arrow landed on the target. Some of us went to the caribbean in a private jet, while others went to school with a slug in a wheelie bin.


Once we’d had lunch, it was time to go home on the train. With the money the children had left, they were very excited to use a vending machine at the train station.


For the remainder of the week, year 5 have been practising some mental maths strategies in Numeracy, and have done presentations about the trip in our Literacy lessons.

Don’t forget PE kits next week!


Springwood’s week – 9th September


We have had a fantastic week back at school.

On Monday, we painted self portraits. The year 6s had their first experience with their buddies and have been brilliant in making them feel welcome.

In our Literacy unit we have have started to read Michael Morpurgo’s book ‘Friend or Foe’. We have really enjoyed it so far and have done role play, as well as writing a diary entry from the point of view of one of the main characters.


For our big write this week, we wrote a recount of our summer holidays. The children worked really hard and we have all looked back over our writing to understand how to make it even better next time.

Our maths has been centred around place value addition and we have all worked hard at our mental maths, including times tables and number bonds.

Next week, Springwood are out on residential trips. Year 5 are going to Kilve Court, and Year 6 are travelling to Wales. Check back next week for updates!

Springwood’s Week – 17th June

It has been assessment week for year 5, and they have worked very hard! We just have one more assessment to do, next week. On Monday, we did some final bits of planning for our enterprise project, before losing some of the children to Festival of Voices. Mrs Babb kindly came in and showed one group how to make jewellery for their stall.

IMG_5912 IMG_5913

On Tuesday, we learned about the charity ‘Save the Children’, and the reasons that people end up living in conditions that aren’t ideal.

Inn the afternoon, we had our Young Enterprise Fair. It was amazing!! Thank you so much to all involved.

IMG_7102 IMG_7105 IMG_7106 IMG_7107 IMG_7109 IMG_7112 IMG_7114 IMG_7115 IMG_7116 IMG_7117 IMG_7119 IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7122 IMG_7123 IMG_7125 IMG_7127 IMG_7128 IMG_7130 IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7134 IMG_7135 IMG_7136 IMG_7138 IMG_7140 IMG_7144

On Thursday, we spent the day at Chiltern Edge playing rounders. All teams did extremely well, and the year 6 team even won the tournament!

IMG_5926 IMG_5927 IMG_5928 IMG_5929 IMG_5930 IMG_5931 IMG_5932

On Friday, it was Den day. Please see the other post for photographs. We had SO much fun and it was such a shame that we couldn’t keep them up. We also raised lots of money! Thank you to Mrs Deacon for organising. Year 6 also went to Stoke Row to play netball, and were a credit to the school.