Springwood – 11th December

On Monday, Springwood furthered their learning around our ‘Rainforests’ topic by visiting The Living Rainforest. The children were shown around a variety of plants and animals by knowledgeable guides who fed back that they were very impressed by the level of knowledge that the children demonstrated. As always, the children were a credit to the school and their families.
In Maths the children have been practising grid multiplication, and the year 5’s have also been using rounding to estimate addition calculations.
We have all been rapping in Literacy this week and we have compared raps with other poems and discussed the features of both. The children have now started to plan their own Christmas rap and will be practising these next week, ready for the class performances on Tuesday afternoon. The children are very welcome to bring in some festive attire for their performance on Tuesday if they would like to.
We are looking forward to the Christmas party on Thursday afternoon and the Christingle service in the evening.
We hope that you have a very merry weekend.

Springwood – 4th December

Springwood have been working extremely hard over the last two weeks and are behaving impeccably for the teachers who are standing in for Miss Ballantyne while she gets better.
In Maths, the children have been converting and comparing measures, calculating and converting time, and investigating 3D nets which can then be made into calendars.
In Literacy they have been learning how to write a non-chronological report and have produced some fantastic leaflets based around the task of going back in time and informing the people of Pompeii about what to do in the event of a volcanic eruption.
Topic work continues to focus on the rainforests and the class have enjoyed planning a trip to the Amazon. Unfortunately, Newbury will just have to do and as a little reminder, we are heading there on Monday 7th.
On Tuesday, the Year 6’s and some Year 5’s represented the school at a tag rugby tournament held at Gilllotts. As always, the children both performed and behaved superbly and both teams should feel very proud of their achievement.
We have been carrying out some assessments this week and therefore normal lessons and homework have been temporarily put on hold. Things will return to normal (relatively speaking due to the festive season) next week.
If you would like to speak to Mrs Deacon or any of the other adults in the class, please do let us know.


Manor; Wednesday updated!

Weather; brilliant!

Activities; brilliant!


We arrived on Monday and a tour around Stokesay Castle.


One of us could get used to living in a castle.


This is how we have learned to settle our differences!


Water Polo was fun.


We’ve some excellent sharpshooters with air rifles and bows and arrows. Some of us don’t even need to look!


Josh was given 10 out of 10 for his descent!


We’re about to get muddy in the underground maze this afternoon, then head off to our camp site for the evening.

All children are doing their families and the school proud.


Mr Steele.

Greys 12th September

We have had a fantastic week this week in Greys class!

The children have worked so hard and had lots of fun along the way.

In Literacy we have been working on Jack and the Beanstalk and they have been acting out the story ready to perform to Peppard class next week. There were some very loud giants to be heard!

In Science we went on a wild flower and tree hunt and then planted seeds so that we could grow our very own beanstalks, whilst learning about the parts and functions of plants. We will be keeping a record of their growth on a regular basis. Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Brealey also planted beans and are in competition to see whose beanstalk grows the tallest.

In Maths we have been looking at number and place value and using different methods to help us do this.

We rounded off the week with Roald Dahl day which was a huge success and there were lots of super and very creative costumes. We spent the morning learning about ‘The BFG’, a friendly giant in comparison to the one we have been looking at in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The children wrote about a dream that they would like to have and then had a lovely time making their very own dream jars which have hopefully made it home in one piece.

We took some photos of the children in action making their dream jars.




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Greys Class – 18th July 2014

It is the end of a wonderful year in Greys Class.

This year the children have designed and  created an array of different puppets, using many different techniques, to tell imaginative and unique stories.

They acted brilliantly  and sung joyfully in the wonderful Christmas performance of “Babushka”.

They have written, filmed and starred in an award winning film as they bought the story of James Mayhew’s heroine, Katie, to life.

They have travelled through history in Greys Class’s very own Time Machine to help solve a fellow time traveller, Henry Hyde’s, problems and difficulties.

They have explored the Oceans and Continents of the World.

They have built replicas of some of London’s greatest landmarks and then walked the streets of the Capital to find where they could be found.

They have worked incredibly hard, engaging in the lessons and Topics with humour, imagination, enthusiasm and persistence. We have learnt so much together and created many happy memories.

Thank you to all the children and parents of Greys Class for all your support and positivity.

I wish you  all a very happy holiday and a fantastic time next Year as they move into Year 2 and Year 3.



Mad Science

Mad Science came into school to delivery a fabulous interactive assembly highlighting a taster of the range of experiments that the children can expect to investigate at the Mad Science workshops next term.

photo photo photo photo photo photo photo

Greys Class – 11th July

This week Greys Class have been helping to create some picture boards for Joseph. We are very much looking forward to the performance on Tuesday.

photo (3) photo (4) photo (5)

We had a wonderful sunny PE lesson on Thursday with Foundation- doing races and team games.

photo (7)

We have also been writing about and creating some beautiful pictures about what we would wish to find at the end of rainbow – these pictures will be entered into the Binfield Heath Flower Show competition – but here is a taster of what you may see if you visit.

002 001

Our Stars of the Week are:

Felicity and Kai – Well done!

 Next week – please remember that the children need to be collected at 15.30 on Tuesday from the Kenton Theatre in Henley and then returned to the Kenton at 18.30.

Have a lovely weekend.


Greys Class – All about London – 4th July 2014

 On Monday Greys class had the most awesome day out in London!

Thank you all for getting to school for the 8am coaches.

outside national gallery Above are photographs of us outside the National Gallery and in the Education Entrance waiting for our tour.

Unlike in the Katie books the National Gallery was packed with people thus we had no opportunities to disappear into the paintings unobserved. Instead we got an informative and fascinating talk from an art expert about four of the thousands of paintings on show at the Gallery.

On arriving we learnt that the part of the gallery which housed the paintings featured in the Katie books had not opened, so the first painting we sat in front of was unknown to us. It was called “A View of Het Steen in the Early Morning” by Peter Paul Rubens. The children answered questions about all the small details they could find it in painting and we learnt that the artist owned the house appears in the background.


As we continued our journey through the rooms of the gallery, the children spotted paintings of Jesus and even Felicity’s favourite “Whistlejacket”.

A small cry of excitement was heard when the children saw through the glass doors into a new room the huge painting of “The Bathers” by Seurat. As we sat in front of it the children were mesmerised by its size. The lady talked to us about where it was painted and how the artist made small paintings by the river to take back to his studio and then transfer them onto the huge canvas.

We moved onto look at the “The Water-lily Pond” by Monet, which in contrast to the Bathers was rather small. We were asked about the different colours that we could see that made up the light and dark green of the leaves and lily pads. We explored how Monet had given the impression of a sunny day without showing any sky. Kea explained where she imagined a frog to be on the lily pad. It was enchanting to see it in real life. We could have sat in front of it for longer imaging the insects and creatures living in the pond- but we needed to move on.

Lastly we came to a quieter room where we found the portrait of “Madame Moitessier” by Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres, a lady with whom Katie shared many cream cakes! Apparently the painting had taken over 10 years to complete. We looked at the very ornate frame that surrounds the painting and the children realised that the flowers that cover it mirror the flowery dress that Madame Moitessier is wearing.

After our tour we went and found our private lunch room.


On leaving the National Gallery we walked through Trafalgar Square, stopping to look at the landmarks that we had created in class last week. Our first stop was the blue cockerel that stands temporarily on the empty plinth.

blue cockeral

The we went and stood by the lions under Nelson’s Column – none came to life to give us a tour of the city but they were still very impressive.


Then we set off on our walk to the South Bank – firstly heading off down the Mall to peer at Buckingham Palace in the distance.


Then we went down Horse Guards Road to see many flags of the world.


We cut through Horse Guards Parade, looking at the soldiers on horseback, to reach Whitehall.


As we walked down Whitehall we came to the entrance to Downing Street. A friendly policeman pointed out Number 10 where the Prime Minister lives. Eden and Freya were particularly excited as they had made a model of this landmark- complete with a photograph of David Cameron next to an upstairs window.

downing street

As we walked towards the Houses of Parliament we passed the Cenotaph, the children were most excited when we turned the corner onto Bridge Street and saw Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben!)

big ben

We walked across Westminster Bridge that was thronging with tourists pausing to look at the London Eye and the River Thames and to imagine boarding a boat and eventually ending up in Henley.


Our next stop was very important- “The Jubiloo Toilets” next to the upside down purple cow!


We then moved into the courtyard of the theatre and sat with Foundation next to the amazingly strange theatre and had a snack as we waited for the doors to open.

purple cow

outside purple cow]

The children laughed, joined in with the pirate promise and clapped their way through Pirate Gran- a super fun show.

inside purple cow

After the show we made our way back to the road and found the bus to take us home. The children were a delight all day and all the adults were impressed by their high spirits, interesting questions and politeness. Well done Greys Class.

Thank you to Mrs Brealey, Mrs Clinkard, Mrs Wall, Miss Hardy and Miss Gall (two lovely students who came back after finishing their placement at the school to accompany the children on the trip), Mrs Jelowitz and Joelie Clinkard (an ex Peppard Student pictured below with her group).

Joelie and group

As you would expect we have been doing a great deal of work on London since getting back and the children have all made scrap books of their day. I hope you have by now all received the postcards that they designed and sent to you.

We have also been studying maps of the streets of London looking at grid references and finding exciting landmarks, some of which we saw and some of which can be explored at another time.

004 006

Yesterday the children took the landmarks that they had created and positioned them in the correct place on a chalk map of London. They then programmed the Beebots to follow the same root we had taken, estimating how many moves forward or sideways it would take to reach each landmark.




This is Trafalgar Square – Felicity is holding the Blue Cockerel Statue, Reece has Nelson’s Column and Jake and Archie are putting the finishing touches to Buckingham Palace at the end of the Mall.


Here Leigh is looking after the Cenotaph and William has hold of Big Ben.


Eden and Freya stand guard over 10 Downing Street.


We have had an unforgettable week, the children have worked incredibly hard and have learnt lots about the capital city of the UK.

Our Stars of the Week are: