28th February 2014 – Greys Class

We returned to school on Monday to find that, not only had our class been painted a wonderful bright yellow and green, but also that a  Time Traveller called Henry Hyde had sent us a letter asking for our help!

Catapults 108

We immediately set about designing Time Machines to transport us back into the past to assist him.

The children worked in pairs and each design showed creativity, imagination and was utterly unique. This intricate cog design was created by May and Eden.

Catapults 109

And this tentacle design was the brainchild of Louie and Charlie.

Catapults 111

On Tuesday morning we arrived to find our classroom transformed into a Time Machine and that a mysterious gold box had appeared on a filing cabinet. This turned out to be Henry Hyde’s Time Box and it is how we communicate with him through time.

A letter written on a stone tablet was waiting in the box. Henry Hyde was stuck in the Stone Age.

Catapults 112

We immediately strapped oursleves into our Time Machine and went on a journey back through time to arrive at the Stone Age and help find out how people stayed warm, stayed safe and stayed full! We had fortunately brought some netbooks with us and so were able to use these and books to help with our research.

Catapults 114

 We sent Henry a letter with our findings and then we returned to 2014.

 On Wednesday we received another letter in Henry Hyde’s Time Box, this time engraved into a strange metal. He was now stuck in the Iron Age as some Iron Age tribes had stolen his Time Machine.

Catapults 113

We were asked to design and test out catapults to find the one that was most accuarate and the one that went the furthest. This would enable Henry to fight off the tribes and get his Time Machine back.

Catapults 117

Catapults 118

On Thursday we spent the day building our catapults.

Catapults 041

Catapults 026


We then needed to check that they worked.

Catapults 035

To make sure that Henry Hyde was given the correct catapult we knew that we would have to undertake a “fair test” when  testing their accuracy and how far they could make “a load” travel. Jake decided that we all needed to make sure that we stood on the black line when aiming our catapult and that we should all use the same ammunition, which in this case was a multilink cube.

We also discussed safety when using catapults – the ammunition should not be aimed at a person, people should be aware of moving into the line of fire and should be sitting well back.

Our first test was on distance, after each catapult had thrown its load we got our tape measures and measured the distance. This varied from 2 cm to 369cm.

Catapults 060

Catapults 064

Catapults 066

Ashleane had  made the catapult that sent the cube 369cm – it was in fact her secondary catapult which she had made when she finished her first one very quickly.

After lunch we tested the accuracy of the catapults, aiming then at targets.

Catapults 073

Catapults 092

Catapults 089

Catapults 101

Although we had many accurate shots – the overall catapult that we felt would be best for Henry Hyde’s needs was the one Ashleane made, as not only did it send the multilink cube the furthest, it was very accurate.

Catapults 107

We sent our findings to Henry and we wait to hear back from him next week.

These are pictures of our catapults (after they had seen action!)

Catapults 120

In Numeracy the Year 1’s have been working on place vaule in two digit numbers -e.g. 63 = 60 +3, which is 6 tens and 3 ones.   The Year 2’s have continued their work on 1/2 and 1/4. The Year 2’s are also having weekly multiplication tests on their 2, 5 and 10 times table and their progress has been fantastic – please do help them at home or in the car!

In PE we are continuing with our dance lessons on Mondays and football skills on Wednesday afternoon.

In French we have been learning the colours and making wonderful “Elmer” elephants by following the French colour code.

Remember that next week is incredibly exciting as James Mayhew is visiting us on Thursday, which is World Book Day.  I am sure if you would like to bring in any of his books to be signed he would be delighted to do so.

Our stars of the week are:

Felicitiy  for her perserverence with her multiplications and getting 10/10 in this weeks test.

Eden and May for their intricate and beautiful cog Time Machine.