Peppard – 15th November

This week in Peppard class we have been creating passports ready for our trip to the moon. We talked about our passports and filled in the information that will allow us to enter space. We will be heading to the moon later in the term.

In Phonics we have learnt sounds ‘h’, ‘f”, ‘ff’ and ‘b’ and we have looked at tricky words ‘you’, ‘said’, ‘like’ and a new word ‘was’.

In Mathematics we have been doing lots of adding. We started off by combining 2 sets of objects and finished the week using a number line to help us add.

Our visit to Thames Valley Gym was a huge success and we are looking forward to going back next week. Please remember your child’s P.E kit on Monday.

We finished the week by washing Mr Steeles car and raising money for Children in Need.


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